Saturday, October 23, 2021


As a woman, you find yourself driving an awful lot. If you have kids, it's usually your job to be the taxi service as you ferry them around everywhere. Add your job into the equation, and the chances are you spend many hours a day driving. 

The thing is, this is inherently bad for you. Yes, driving is convenient, but you end up doing something that can lead to lots of health problems: sitting down. That's right, driving makes us sedentary, which is awful for our long-term health hopes. Why is it so bad, and how can we try to drive less? 

Driving leads to weight gain & posture issues

The two main problems with driving all the time are that it can cause weight gain and posture issues. This is largely because you are sitting down for far too long. By driving, you're avoiding other activities that are better for your body. You walk less every day, meaning you burn fewer calories and will gain weight - it's as simple as that. 

From here, you have all the possible health problems associated with weight gain; heart disease, joint issues, and so on. 

Alongside this, sitting down and driving puts you in a terrible postural position. This leads to increased strain on your muscles, causing things like chronic back pain, neck pain, and leading to inflammation - which can increase your blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular issues. 

How can we drive less?

With all of the above in mind, how can we attempt to drive less every day? For one, you can only drive your car for journeys where no other option is available. Can you walk somewhere instead? If so, it is much better for your health as you stretch your legs, stand upright, take pressure off your joints, and burn calories. Cycling is another brilliant alternative - and it's also great at building leg strength and tone. 

Even riding a motorcycle is healthier than driving! If you don't have to ferry kids around - and most of your trips are done on your own - get some women's motorcycle gear and a motorbike and ride that instead of driving. It forces your leg muscles to engage more, so you are getting more of a workout in. For long journeys, ride this, for shorter ones, walk or ride a bike!

It really all comes down to assessing whether or not a car is your only option. For long family trips, you will need a car. To commute to work, you can almost always find alternatives. Even public transport is better as you still have to walk to the station or bus stop, then walk to work and back again. 

Ultimately, if you want a health hack that will lead to a longer and healthier life, it's this one: drive less! Don't get hooked into the idea of driving all the time as it will make you inactive, cause postural problems, and can lead to all sorts of ongoing health problems.


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