Friday, October 22, 2021

Things You Haven't Thought of About Retiring


For many people, retirement is a time of great excitement and anticipation. But before you start planning the next stage of life, there are some things about retiring that are essential to consider. Here are how physical needs may change and daily financial needs and support system considerations for those who need care.

Your Physical Needs

Your physical needs refer to the physical demands of your body, things like food and water. You will need to make sure that you always have healthy foods on hand for yourself at all times. If you are not non-disabled or possibly this could change shortly, it would be wise to invest in some adaptive equipment now. At the same time, they may still be affordable after becoming disabled when they become even more expensive.

The other side of the coin here is making sure that you get enough restful sleep every night so that your body can repair itself from everyday wear and tear throughout the day. With those two sides covered, then consider your basic hygiene as well - brushing your teeth daily.

Your Support System

Your support system and undue influence of a loved one is essential. Who will be there to support you? Do your kids want to move close enough that they can provide you with the care and companionship you need or are they already strapped for time between their own families and careers? Will one of them have an ageing parent who needs some assistance themselves, so it might not be possible for them to help out.

Possible mentors include:

  • Your doctor
  • A neighbor or friend who has retired before you
  • Family members away from home

If any of these individuals don't live locally, perhaps ask if they would agree to Skype meetings regularly to update each other about life experiences. If your mentor cannot do this due to physical limitations, perhaps they could also participate in an audio chat with you.

Your Daily Financial Needs

Your financial needs are going to change as you age. You will have a lot of options for how you spend your money, but it is essential to consider what those costs could be so that you can plan accordingly.

Retirement calculators are great tools to use when planning out your finances in retirement. These easy-to-use online formulas ask questions about future expenses and income from investments and other sources. They then calculate the estimated annual cost of living for this period based on these inputs, allowing users to determine whether their current savings would cover their projected expenses or need additional plans for funding during retirement years.

How Much Care You Will Need

This is a critical factor to think about when retiring because you will need some form of care. Retirement communities provide a lot of different levels and types of care, and community members are always on-site to help. You can also find home care services in your area, but they may not be able to provide the care you need or have enough staff available for 24/hour live-in assistance.


In conclusion, there are many things to think about when looking into retirement communities. Make sure you also consider your physical needs, daily financial requirements and support system before choosing a community or living situation.


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