Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Family Dog

Are you looking to adopt a dog for your family? Choosing the right dog for your family can be challenging. What you need is a dog that suits your lifestyle and your family’s interests. This is because once you bring the dog home, it becomes a life companion. 

You have to take time to make an informed decision about the right dog for you and your family. You do not want to bring a dog home only to surrender it to the nearest shelter after a few months of realizing he is not suited for you. You can avoid this mistake by considering various factors. 

How to Find the Perfect Family Dog

Here are questions you need to ask yourself when looking to adopt the perfect family dog. 

What size is suitable for your family?

The first thing you need to think about is the size. Are you looking to adopt a small or large family dog? The size matters for many reasons. For instance, do you want a dog that fits your laps for cuddles? The size of your dog will determine the kind of activities you can expect. If you have a large compound, a large dog will be the perfect choice since you have plenty of play space. On the contrary, if you live in a small apartment, you may want a small dog due to limited space. Moreover, if you want a dog that will accompany you to various outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting, you may want to consider adopting a larger dog. 

How is your home environment?

The dog you adopt is going to live with you. Therefore, you need to determine if the home environment suits the dog. For instance, if you live in a place that does not allow dogs, you will want to let the idea of adopting a dog pass. In addition, some breeds are usually very active and require lots of space to live peacefully. If your home does not allow roaming, then check if there is a park nearby where you can take the dog for frequent walks. 

Which dog is suitable for your lifestyle?

The dog you choose to adopt or rescue should fit into your lifestyle. If your family is very active, you should opt for breeds like the German shepherd or Collies. Additionally, some dogs prefer specific diets. That is why you need to determine if your lifestyle will allow you to offer that kind of food. It would be best to consider your schedule because some dog breeds like socializing and get bored quickly when left alone. 

What kind of maintenance does the dog need?

A dog’s appearance and health have more to do with maintenance. As much as all dogs need basic grooming and food, some breeds need extra care. For instance, if you get a dog with a thicker coat, you will need frequent trimming and washing. This may require more resources. Moreover, dogs with floppy ears are often more susceptible to ear infections and may require frequent ear treatment. Other dog breeds eat a particular type of food, and you can get more info here

What age is suitable for a family dog?

You need to determine if you want to adopt a puppy or a senior dog. In this case, you should know that puppies require a lot of care and training than older dogs. The first six months may mean investing in dog training if you opt for a puppy. Accordingly, you will have to be patient with the dog. On the other hand, senior dogs can be an excellent choice if you do not want to invest in training. However, you have to understand that just because the dog is an adult does not mean they are trained. 

Should you go for mixed breed dogs or purebreds?

There are two categories of dogs you can adopt, a mixed breed or a pure breed. There is always a debate about the most intelligent and healthier of the two. In this aspect, you have to know that a mutt is prone to illnesses. However, the decision should be yours to make. Whether you want a purebred or mixed-breed dog is up to you. Still, you will need to look into other aspects that make the two categories different. 

The Bottom Line 

Before you adopt a furry friend, you have to determine if your family is ready for a pet. This will help you know what they want. If your family is ready for an additional member, you can use these tips to find the right family dog for you. 


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