Tuesday, July 6, 2021

You're thinking of buying a new ride. The obvious considerations are what brand, what model, or what type.

Are you looking to get yourself a sports car or a camper van? Do you want a literal daily driver or something for off-roading? Are you looking to go electric or hybrid?

What if you aren't even looking for a car? Perhaps you're on the hunt for a different kind of ride. Could you be looking for a Harley? Or maybe, just maybe, the road is leading you to somewhere beyond docks and out into the sea?

Yes, that's right. Maybe it's time to get yourself a boat.

If the sea is calling you, then you're not alone. The global yacht market has been at its strongest in years. Getting yourself a dinghy is cool if you love sailing, but if you have the means and are looking to do something bold, then there's nothing like sailing away as captain of your very own yacht.

#1: The sea can heal your soul.

There's something about the sea that just really poetic. The sea breeze. The saltwater. The lapping of the waves. The deep blue depths that conceal magic and secrets. It's an experience that really speaks to the soul.

Human beings may be land-dwelling mammals, but it is almost essential that we meet the ocean at some point in our lives. Sure, going to the beach is one way to do that, but sailing away in your own yacht is another experience altogether.

The sea has long been known to be therapeutic for humans. Apart from the health benefits of the sea and sun, and there is also something spiritual about the ocean waters--how they remind us of how small we really are and how the seas make us reflect on our small place on this earth.

#2: You can yourself "captain."

If it's your yacht, then you follow your rules, right? Maritime regulations aside, you call the shots, so if you want to be called while onboard, why not, right?

Owning a yacht gives you the right to fully embrace the nautical life, even while ashore. You can wear Sperry Top-Siders without fear of retribution. You can sport a Greek Fisherman Hat because, well, you are a person of the sea now. And those striped Breton shirts can now be a logical part of your wardrobe.

Kidding aside, being closer to the sea should also ignite love and respect for marine life, so hopefully, your boat becomes a means to protect, not harm the underwater ecosystem.

#3: Avoid the crowds like a boss.

Traveling has been tough, if not impossible, during this pandemic. It's hard to get around when you're supposed to avoid crowds and enclosed spaces.

Going out to sea on your boat is probably the coolest way to socially distance. You're literally out in the open seas, with miles of water between you and the next person. And yachts, save for the lower cabins, are essentially open air, right?

#4: It's like buying an apartment, too!

With your own boat, you can take the fun with you out to sea. Most yachts have cabins, sleeping quarters, and kitchenettes-allowing you to live in them for periods of time. Docking them in marinas will also give you access to the facilities on land.

If your yacht is big enough, you could hold parties and invite guests just as you would in your landlocked home. You can basically turn your yacht into a houseboat. Think of it as a trailer on water but more scenic and airy.

#5: Sailing is just the beginning

Your yacht, though wonderful in itself, is the just first step in your sea adventure. There are other activities that you could do with a boat. From fishing to scuba diving, owning a yacht is never going to be boring.

As with a car, you're going to need to know how to "drive" it and maintain it. Take sailing lessons to get a basic idea of the principles of how to maneuver a boat. It would also help to have a caretaker or crew member to help you make the most out of your vessel. You should also know the basics of yacht care and have a maintenance provider that you can trust.

Owning a yacht may seem like such a crazy thought, but it might be more realistic than you think. If you're willing to learn and have the means, you might just discover that there's no road quite like the wide-open seas.


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