Sunday, February 28, 2021

Have you noticed that a parent of yours is a little less capable than they used to be? Perhaps they’re a little less mobile, or complaining about aches and pains more, or even a touch forgetful? As we age, it’s a fact that we’re going to need a little more help than we used to. You need to be compassionate as you approach these questions, but it will be important to address them.

How they’re getting around

Few people live close to the essential destinations they need daily access to, be it for grocery shopping, to see the doctor, or otherwise. As we get older, our driving skills can begin to suffer impairments. For that reason, it might be worth asking your parent if they have been driving just fine lately. If they have had any accidents or even near misses lately, then it might be time to consider offering to drive for them instead of putting them at such risk again in the future.

The health issues they may be experiencing

The majority of people don’t want to worry their loved ones, regardless of their age. As such, they may be likely to keep quiet about or at least downplay symptoms they may have been having. However, it might be a good idea to bring up the idea of an annual physical, something that we should all be doing anyway. Make sure that it’s clear your wondering about health comes from a place of concern first and foremost. People can be stubborn if they think that you’re trying to push them into making any decisions for them.

Where they’re living and with who

If your loved one is having trouble taking care of their daily needs, such as feeding, washing, and transporting themselves or there are real concerns of health risks if they are living alone, then it might be time to address their living situation. It can be a scary topic to consider, so it’s a good idea to do your research ahead of time to find good senior living care and facility options. Otherwise, they may assume the worst about where and with whom they’re going to end up.

Their plans for the future

No-one likes thinking about the idea that their life is going to end but it’s a reality that we should all address as soon as we are able to start planning that far ahead. A good way to broach the topic of end-of-life instructions is to bring up that perhaps you have begun planning your own estate. Trust is essential to help in this regard, of course, so if your parent isn’t willing to trust you in helping in this regard, you should at least encourage them to talk to an estate lawyer about it.

Remember to keep your parent’s experience and viewpoint as the most important weighing factor during all of these conversations. Encouraging them and considering their needs and wants is the best way to get them to cooperate.


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