Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Common Health Problems To Address As You Get Older

Today, we take a look at some common health problems to address as you get older. When your body ages, it becomes susceptible to a range of different health issues. Some are virtually unavoidable, but most can be delayed for as long as possible. The earlier you start acting against these health issues, the less of a problem they become in your senior years. 

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Memory Loss

Memory loss is often associated with health problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Indeed, it’s also thought that most of us will experience memory loss as we get older. It’s all down to the brain losing its functionality, much like an ageing computer will become much slower and more prone to errors. 

Contrary to popular belief, old people can live with fantastic memories. It’s all about looking after your cognitive ability when you’re younger. Use brain training exercises to prevent memory loss, and follow a healthy lifestyle. Avoid drinking lots of alcohol as this has a terrible effect on your memory. I’m sure most of you have heard of people getting drunk and not remembering what happened the night before. If you drink consistently, then you will gradually erode away at your ability to retain memories. 

All in all, you can boil it down to remaining sharp and in control of your brain. If you keep stimulating your brain, you will be able to remember things for a long time. It sounds simple, and it is! The problem is that most people don’t realize this until it’s too late and they’ve already started showing signs of memory loss. 

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Hearing Loss

There’s no question that hearing loss can impact your life in many different ways. Again, this is something that seems like a natural progression as your body gets older. While most people over 60 will suffer from at least mild hearing loss, you can do your bit to delay it for as long as possible. Certainly, you may even live a life without the need for hearing aids. 

It all boils down to protecting your hearing while you’re younger. Ironically, young people are probably more at risk of hearing loss than other generations. This is largely thanks to people listening to music at loud volumes in headphones from a very young age. If this is something you’re guilty of, don’t worry, there’s a smart way to fix it. As this guide to hearing protection states, noise-cancelling headphones are the best option. Why? Because you cancel out any outside noises, meaning you can listen at a lower volume with more clarity. It might sound louder, but the decibel level is far lower thanks to cancelling out the noise. 

Other tactics exist alongside this - such as covering your ears when you’re around loud noises for an extended period. For example, if you work on a construction site or go to a concert, you should have earplugs to dampen the noise entering your ears. Adopt these preventative measures from a young age to delay the effects of hearing loss when you’re older. 

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Joint Pain

As you get older, something happens around the joints in your body. All joints have a protective tissue (cartilage) that stops the bones from rubbing against one another. In healthy humans, this allows for smooth movements without any pain. However, when you get older, this cartilage can break down and become more worn. Unfortunately, you can’t repair cartilage, meaning your bones rub against one another, causing inflammation and joint pain. 

The most common health problem associated with joint pain is osteoarthritis. Speaking of common things, the most frequently affected joints are our hips, knees, and the many joints in your spine. When you suffer from joint pain, you are afflicted with chronic pain that can make your life a lot harder. It may even reach a point where you have to stay in a wheelchair because you can’t move. 

Once more, you can prevent this by taking action right now. The best way to prevent joint pain is to exercise! Exercising prevents cartilage damage by strengthening your muscles and the other tissues around your joints. In fact, it can lead to more joint stability, which reduces the risks of joint pain. Weight training is particularly effective at doing this, though you should also avoid many joint loading activities - like running.

It’s easy to look at these health issues and assume you will deal with all of them in your golden years. Truthfully, there’s no reason you can’t avoid them all! At the very least, you can prevent the issues from becoming too serious to manage. Start thinking about your future today, and begin taking preventative measures to conserve your health. 


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