Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Horse Cavaletti Benefits and Exercises

If you are a new horse owner, you may have heard of cavalettis and wondered what the big deal is. If you are not someone who wants to participate in big competitions, does your horse have any need for a cavaletti? The simple answer is: yes! Even if you do not plan on competing with your horse in shows, cavaletti work can offer several benefits to your beloved pet. Read on to learn more and to find out what kind of exercises a cavaletti can offer your horse.

Cavaletti Benefits

Cavalettis can be good for both body and mind. Depending on the kind of exercise you choose to train your horse with, cavalettis can be great for:

  • Improving rhythm and balance
  • Strengthening and/or loosening muscles
  • Improving stretches
  • Building concentration

To improve rhythm and balance, consider gradually teaching your horse to jump with the use of a horse jump cavaletti. If your biggest concern is strength-building, exercises that include a mix of both trotting and cantering might be ideal. Whatever your focus, remember that horses thrive most when they have variety in their exercise routines.

Cavaletti Exercises

When it comes to cavaletti training, there are three types of exercises to consider: the walk, the trot and the canter. For horses with postural problems, learning to walk with cavalettis can train their nervous systems to adapt to better walking habits. Three walk exercises to try are the Stretch and Climb Through, the Snake Over Poles and the Large Square. Each of these exercises can help your horse improve their posture and build confidence that can prepare them for further strengthening.

For the best cardiovascular and muscle conditioning, consider training your horse to trot. You can use cavalettis to create patterns that will allow your horse to practice useful trot exercises like the Bow Tie Fan and Figure Eights. Finally, do not forget to consider cantering. Although sometimes intimidating, cantering with exercises like the Basic In and Out or Two Poles on a Circle can improve your horse's body symmetry in a way that the other types of exercises cannot.


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