Wednesday, December 2, 2020


You may still be trying to make sense of all the chaos regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic, and restriction as your car sits going nowhere on your drive.

You may also be wondering what to do if your car breaks down or the garage you go to is temporarily closed. Women can find this a challenge, and many are now taking to learning about car maintenance and rolling up their sleeves to maintain their vehicles.

You can do it too.

Here are a few helpful tips and how to’s so that you can become a Car Maintenance Diva and keep yourself on the road and moving forward.

Ten Steps To A Happy Car

Step One - Changing A Car Tire

There is nothing worse than driving along, only to discover you’ve got a flat tyre. Don’t panic; just follow this little guide or watch this fun clip on how to change your tyre.

Step Two - Tire Pressure

Before heading out on the road, it’s always smart to check that your tyre pressure is within the legal limits. An underinflated tyre can cause issues, and overinflated tyre can lead to a number of issues. You can learn more here.

Step Three - Checking Your Oil and Water

You need to make sure that your car has oil and water; otherwise, you’ll not be going anywhere fast. Use the engine oil recommended for your car and fill up to the level.

Step Four - Jump Starting Your Car Battery

Imagine jumping into your car, trying to start the ignition. But guess what not a sound - a flat battery. Just look at this for some help.

Step Five - Replacing Windscreen Wipers

You need to make sure that your windscreen wipers are working, and your road ahead is clear. Here is how to replace your windscreen wiper blades.

Step Six - Check the rubber parts of your engine.

Check the rubber components in your car, and make sure that hoses and belts are free of splits and cracks. You should do this every six months, and especially before long trips.

Step Seven - Read and Understand Your Cars Manual

Read your car manual and understand how your car works, it could help prevent any car breakdowns if you know your car well. Carry an emergency kit in your car in case you breakdown.

Step Eight - Take Care Warning Lights Seriously

If your lights are flashing on your dashboard, you must take your car to a garage to help you resolve the issue.

Step Nine - Check your Car Fluids

It’s essential to check the radiator coolants, brake fluid, power steering fluid. To learn more click this link

Step Ten - Keep You Car Sparkling

Keep your car squeaky clean inside and out. A clean car is a happy car.

Make sure your lights are free from dirt and grime, and all of the windows a clean and clear, so that you can see clearly and drive safely.

You are now ready to enjoy your journey ahead, have fun!


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