Wednesday, December 2, 2020

4 Things That Can Make Your Depression Worse


Mental health statistics in the United States are quite shocking indeed. For example, about one out of five American adults experience mental illnesses. The coronavirus pandemic gave further rise to the grim statistics on mental health across the States. Among the host of mental health challenges confronting Americans, depression stands tall. Adults aged over 18 are more likely to experience depressive illnesses in any given year. But what makes your depression worse? Outlined below are some key factors that can worsen your depression.

1. Sleep deprivation

Most people feel better and healthier when they get a good night's sleep. On the other hand, sleep deprivation can give rise to negative feelings and even worsen your depression. Research studies have shown that insomnia patients are ten times more likely to experience depression than those who sleep well. If you are experiencing sleep problems, try visiting your doctor. Also, consider limiting your consumption of alcohol and caffeine, and have a regular sleep pattern.

2. Hormones

Hormones are chemical messengers that are produced by special glands and conveyed by the bloodstream. Statistics show that women are more prone to depression than men. It has usually got something to do with hormonal changes in the different genders. For instance, after giving birth, some mothers experience what's called postpartum depression

Depression symptoms can also worsen in women during their ovulation and menopause periods. If you experience sharp changes in your mood at specific cycles of your life, book an appointment with your doctor. Experienced mental health experts may be able to diagnose your condition and prescribe the right treatment for you.

3. Diet

Depression often arises from a myriad of factors relating to your social environment, physical environment, and even genetics. However, what you eat and don't eat can also affect your depression status. One research study by the American Journal of Psychiatry related typical Western diets like sugary products and processed food to depression and anxiety in women; on the other hand, fruits, veggies and meat were thought to be healthier. 

In Australia, Deakin University researchers theorize that a class of micro-organisms in the digestive system can influence people's mental health. They also suggest that just by improving your diet, you can lessen your symptoms of depression. As scientists continue to research the dietary culprits associated with depression, you may want to cut down on your consumption of sugary products and rather eat whole and fresh food.

4. Social media lifestyle

Over the past years, social media has grown to be a huge world on its own. While there may be the best platforms to connect with others during the pandemic, social media networks can also worsen your depression. In fact, researchers have coined the term "Facebook Depression" to describe the disappointments people face when their posts don't receive the expected number of comments and likes. There is a growing volume of evidence linking digital activities to depression. Things like texting, emailing, video calls, and live-chatting — have all been related to worsening depression. However, in some cases, people are able to ease their depression symptoms when they visit social media environments like Facebook. The secret is to build positive connections that add value to your life. Also, try not to expect too much from social media connections. 

Social media can be especially damaging and impactful on young girls. As they are going through their tween and teen years, the content and comparisons they are exposed to online may lead to depression and thoughts of self-harm. Should you notice a problem with a teen in your life, it’s time to seek professional care. The qualified staff at Eva Carlston Academy can help provide the services your child needs to heal and get back to a healthier lifestyle.


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