Sunday, November 15, 2020

Women have so many demands put on them. They have to be present mothers, keep tabs on their kids' life and school, pursue their careers, and perform household chores. Hence, it can be challenging to wear all these hats and still have a successful career. However, it is possible, and any woman can do it. Here are tips you can use to balance life and career.

Have a Desk Calendar

It is essential to have a desk calendar to mark all events of the month. This will be your planner to avoid last-minute rushes. At the beginning of the month, you should color code the dates, for example, blue for business meetings, red for school occasions, and green for a day out with family or friends.

You can also set a reminder on your phone several days before the events to avoid inconveniences. If possible, ensure you set aside one weekend every month for you to relax. You can go to the spa, sit at home meditating, do yoga, or go for a drive or a walk.

Prioritize Commitments

As a working woman, it is crucial to master the art of prioritizing. You should know which family events you really need to attend and the office meetings you can skip. This will protect you from the burnout of trying to participate in every occasion.

Make Sound Financial Decisions

When you make the right financial decisions, you won't need to overwork to finance your life. For example, learn to budget, save, invest, and manage finances. Financial decisions also include making long term decisions like purchasing life insurance to secure the future of your family.

Therefore, take the time to review different life insurance companies and choose one that offers the best insurance products. Also, consult experts to guide you on ways you can benefit from the insurance, investments, and retirement plans.

Delegate Some Responsibilities

You don't have to handle every task in the office; you can delegate some to your employees if you are an employer. If you are an employee, you can partner with competent colleagues who can help you with projects. You should also apply the same concept at home, where you allow your nanny or teens to run some errands for you. Besides, you can hire a cleaning company to help with cleaning and housekeeping jobs.

Block the Mom Guilt

What is mom guilt? This is when you feel like you are not doing enough for your kids. This can come from within you when you are away or from people who tell you it is time to go back to work or how you should feed your kids every day, and so on. Whenever possible, avoid entertaining such ideas and do what works for you.

For instance, you can catch up with your kids in the car if you always pick them from school or hang out with them on the weekends. This will help you control mom guilt.

Work-life balance is the goal of every woman, but you need to know that it is a process. It might also take time to master, but eventually, you will achieve a balance. The tips in this guide can help you get started on the right foot. 


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