Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Planning A Worldwide Travel Adventure

Gaining the chance to travel around the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity that simply can’t be missed, as you’re guaranteed to encounter a whole host of inspiring cultures and beautiful landscapes that you’ll remember for years to come. Planning such an extravaganza can take a lot of time and effort, as it’s a huge adventure that carries a large amount of risk and responsibility that you must consider in order to make the most of your time abroad. Luckily there are a few key areas in which you can focus your energy when organizing your worldwide travels, enabling you to to utilize each and every day whilst staying safe and healthy throughout. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that will assist you in arranging the most amazing round-the-world adventure ever. 

Choosing Your Destinations 

One of the most important steps that you must carry out is to heavily research each potential destination that you wish to visit, exploring a wide range of options in order to bring it down to your definite chosen few. There are a seemingly limitless number of different locations on the earth that you can delve into, from dense tropical rainforests to barren deserts, so it’s completely up to you wherever you wish to go. Remember that simply picking a country isn’t specific enough, as there can be hundreds of cities and towns to choose between, so do your research and see which places are right for you. Search for things such as environmental factors like climate, and other selling points such as natural beauty spots too. There are many sources from which you can seek honest, unbiased information, such as travel agencies, (unpaid) bloggers and so much more. Certain sites may be paid by local governments or other big businesses to speak positively in order to attract more tourists and visitors, so always utilise more than one platform to gather your information. It’s a great idea to try and write down a list of potential places you wish to visit along with their unique selling points, as you can begin to make a real plan on where to start and where to go next! Constantly criss crossing over continents on long haul flights simply isn’t part of a global travellers lifestyle, as you should aim to move from location to location using cars and boats - be sure to plan your trip so that you need not experience an excess of transport, as you should instead aim to explore on one specific interconnecting route around the globe.  

Finding Sufficient Funds 

Once you’ve decided on which amazing spots you would really like to head out to, now's the time to start being realistic in your journey. Finding sufficient funds for your global travel extravaganza may not be easy, as it often costs a fair bit of money to simply take a plane and book a hotel and you must repeat this process again and again. As a result of this, you should try to plan your trip as far in advance as possible, allowing yourself enough time to work, earn and save some money or find an alternative funding method that will allow you to pay for your trip. Getting a full or part time job for at least 6-12 months should offer you the funds that you require, but of course you have to be able to save up every penny without splashing out on anything else during this time, and have the availability to put in regular shift’s too. If this isn’t something that you can do, exploring something like a Wise Loan could provide you with the money you need to pay for your trip! Of course you must give these funds back in smaller monthly payments, but this can be very affordable if you choose a long term plan. Additionally, if you’re choosing to complete any kind of charity work during your journey, you can perform fundraising activities that allow you to receive donations from the public. Attend a grocery store to pack shopping, set up your own car wash, or arrange a bake sale to sell some delicious homemade cupcakes! 

Packing Your Bags 

Once you have paid for your life changing trip around the globe, the reality of your massive adventure is bound to start setting in. It’s such an inspiring exploration that you’re about to undertake, one which you should aim to be prepared for in every sense. Packing your bags in the correct manner will help you to achieve this preparedness, as including all of the right clothes, shoes, cosmetics and equipment will help you to make the most of your trip. Consider each and every location that you’re planning on visiting, packing at least one suitable outfit for the different climates you’re due to experience. Don’t think in terms of fashion, as materialistic ideals such as this will be a thing of the past as soon as you get into the swing of travelling. As long as you include a long pair of trousers, some shorts, a long shirt and a t- shirt, you have the basics covered. You’ll be able to find very affordable clothing in lots of different locations as markets are commonplace, so don’t fret over these mundane features. The most vital things you must remember to pack are items such as sturdy walking boots and thick socks, a first aid kit with plasters, bandaging and medication, weather protection such as sun lotion and sunglasses, and any other creature comforts or personal essentials that are unique to you. Things such as technology and books may not be available in your next location when travelling, so if you wish to include any entertainment options then bring these from your hometown. 

Safety Considerations

Now, though you may gain the opportunity to have the time of your life when travelling globally, such a journey can come with a considerable risk. Each location offers its own unique dangers which you must research and prevent before you begin your travels, as you do not want to put yourself in harm's way when trying to have a good time. You can find basic information about ‘no-go’ areas which you should aim to avoid, as some places are experiencing situations such as political unrest or kidnappings, but a proportion of such information is used as a form of scaremongering so always check more than one website to get the real facts. There’s going to be a risk in every location that you visit, even when you decide to head ‘home’, so it’s better to figure out how to prevent and deal with such dangers rather than aiming to avoid them completely. Issues such as theft and robbery are all too common in tourist hotspots, so be sure that you keep your belongings in a secure bag that utilise a padlock for extra safety, whilst storing your most important documents such as your passport and credit card in a small cross body bag that can go beneath your clothing. You may wish to go out and experience the nightlife of each location during your explorations, but this can present many dangers (especially for female travellers). Never accept a drink from someone that you do not know, and watch the bartender make any drink that you do in order to ensure no suspicious ingredients have been added. 

Travel Partners & Solo Travel 

Deciding whether you would like to travel as part of a group or completely solo will influence your trip quite dramatically, so it’s important that you can try and make this decision in advance. Travelling with a partner or friends is the best choice when looking from a safety and security perspective, as you’ll have a number of people watching your back going the exact same route. However, travelling with more than one person can be tricky when it comes to deciding where to go and what to do, as there may be a clash of personalities at some point that can focus your group and cause arguments. Opting for solo travel means that you have full control over where and when you wish to go, freeing you from those who may hold you back from exploring as you wish to. Unfortunately, solo travel is an extremely risky business that requires extra attention to detail, as you must implement extra safety steps to minimize danger. Solo travelers should take a mobile phone that utilizes a SIM which is contracted to operate in every country, as this way you can keep in touch with friends and family on a regular basis to let them know where you are and how you are doing. 

Planning a worldwide travel adventure has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the top tips, tricks and ideas that have been detailed above! Exploring the sights and sounds of the globe can change your life completely, and there’s no time like the present to get out there and soak up some culture. 


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