Saturday, August 29, 2020

The months have gone by so fast. A lot of things have happened and the world is still finding ways to control the spread of the Corona virus. Many of us are still trying to adjust to this new normal. 

In a few months it will be Christmas again. Although we are still unsure of what the following months would bring, it does not mean we will forego with the family traditions we all look forward to every year.

I grew up in a closely knit family and we make sure that Christmas day is reserved for our annual family reunion. We bring our best homemade cookies and cakes, casseroles and pies, pasta and appetizers to be shared with everyone.

The fun only starts there. We also do a Secret Santa and a family pajama photo contest. My grandmother is the judge and every one goes out of their way to find the "winning pajama set" because that would mean a big prize from Gramma. 

This year, I am dead set on winning that prize. I found this cool online store that sells the cutest pajamas! LazyOne family pajamas have so many designs to choose from. They all look so soft and comfy and are reasonably priced! My husband and I have already made a few choices. 

We have not reached a consensus yet. My sons have not yet picked the design they like. I am suggesting one with red as a dominant color because I believe that red is always beautiful in photographs. LazyOne has so many beautiful designs it is difficult to choose only one. We might as well get more than one set! 

We are also going to practice posing for the camera. A wacky pose would make my grandmother laugh so that is what we would probably do. We will have to make a final choice so that I can place an order for our Christmas family pajama set. 

Does your family enjoy wearing matching pajamas too? What are your family holiday traditions? Leave a comment below and let me know. 


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