Friday, August 28, 2020

4 Ways to Have Your Grass the Envy of the Neighbors

Professional landscapers don’t want to share their secrets for lush green lawns, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out what they are. To be frank, landscapers just know the details about the best things to use on a lawn and when or how to use them. Here are their secrets.

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Feed the Lawn

Most homeowners only head out in the spring to give their lawn a good meal. Grass that grows in thick and healthy needs to be fertilized about four times a year. There are also different foods that should be applied each season. You can head to a garden store or nursery for more information on the type of grass you have and the best food for it.

Mow It With Care

Pulling out a lawnmower with dull or rusty blades will hack your lawn to death. Use a lawnmower repair company to sharpen your blades and maintenance the mower before the start of each cutting season. Depending on how long your growing season it, you may want to consider a second sharpening midway through. Leave your grass higher than two and a half inches at a minimum, though each type of grass has its own recommendations. Vary your mowing pattern to avoid ruts in the ground and to stimulate thicker growth.

Let It Get Thirsty

Too many people make the mistake of watering the grass every day. It is better to let the grass and soil have a good long soak. This forces the roots to grow down deep, strengthening the lawn and adding more protection from drought. Spring and fall may require one watering a week, while the summer sun will have a lot to do with your summertime schedule. If the grass blades start to turn gray and limp, it’s the sign to give the lawn a drink.

Use Good Grass Seed

You can fill up your lawn with green stuff or you can fill it up with lush grass. The type of seed you choose will impact the quality of your lawn. A premium grass seed, followed by a quality fertilizer will create a lawn your neighbors will be envious of. It does cost a little more, but the results are longer lasting and much nicer. Fuller grass does better at choking out weeds as well.

If you follow these tips, then that old adage about the grass being greener on the other side will be referring to your lawn. Let your lawn be the best on the block.


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