Wednesday, June 3, 2020

7 Ways To Manage Your Stress

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Stress is a natural reaction. It is the way that our body gets ready for us to deal with perceived danger. Whether that is us getting chased by a predator thousands of years ago, or going for a job interview in the modern era; stress can give you the edge to fight. 

However, if you’re perceiving danger or threat constantly, and your mind is full of worries, the stress can become uncomfortable. 

You could lose a lot of sleep, and you will have trouble unwinding at home. 

It is essential that you manage your stress. 

Here are seven great ways to help you to lower your stress levels. 

1. Do Lots of Puzzles

Believe it or not, one of the best tools you can buy to help you lower your stress is a sudoku magazine. By completing puzzles that require a high level of concentration, you will be able to keep your brain active, while taking your mind off the thoughts that cause you to stress in the first place. 

2. Take Some Exercise

Exercise is a great way of lowering stress because it increases the levels of endorphins in your body. 

Endorphins are a feel-good hormone, so they’ll make you feel positive. 

Find a physical activity that you enjoy. Build up the frequency that you perform this activity. 

3. Perform Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing is an excellent way to calm yourself down when you’re stressed. 

Breathe in slowly through your nose over the count of four. Then, hold your breath for five seconds. Then, breathe out slowly through your mouth over the count of six. 

Repeat this for a few minutes.

4. Try Meditation 

In much the same way as deep breathing can help to calm you down, meditation will also help to ground you at the same time. 

Find a quiet spot and sit or lay in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe in and out gently. Focus all of your attention on your breath. 

Meditation takes some practice, so if it feels odd on your first attempt, don’t give up;  it may get easier in the future. 

5. Use Journaling 

Journaling involves writing about your life. Write down everything that bothers you throughout your day. All of this will help you to process your emotions in a positive and constructive manner. 

6. Harness the Power of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations mean writing down things about yourself that you are happy with. Or, writing down positive statements about your life right now. 

This might be writing down something that you’re good at, or focusing on a nice thing that someone has said to you. 

7.Learn Your Triggers

Stress is often triggered by similar occurrences. You might find that the things that make you the most stressed will be recurring problems. 

Learn to identify these. Make a note whenever you are stressed about what has happened to make you feel this way. Then, look for patterns. You might not be able to cut that stressor out of your life, but you might be able to manage it better. 

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