Thursday, March 12, 2020

Beautiful, Small Ways Of Letting Someone Know You Care

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We all have special people in our life, and if you haven’t, don’t worry, you likely will soon. People are bound to find those they care about sooner or later, because we are all especially social creatures and enjoy seeing the best in one another, at least in positive environments. Yet we all know that keeping up these relationships and ensuring friendships last is to maintain said relationship through care, attention, and contact.

So how can you let someone know you care without overdoing it? A little note may serve as a pleasant surprise, as may a complimentary text or instant message, but what if we wish to apply ourselves in a more substantial manner? It’s worth asking this question, because it can adjust the approach you take. In the following advice, we hope to help you structure that advice, and potentially come out of the effort with love, care and respect for said person, and for them to appreciate you in turn.

Just remember, only partake in this if you truly do mean it. It will make the result all the more special:

Gifting An Experience

The gift of an experience not only helps you bond with the person you are gifting, but it grants you an expeirence to share that only the two of you may ever be fully in ownership of. For instance, taking your grandmother to the theatre to see a broadway play, or to enjoy an amazing musical can help you bond over said experience, and it can be a lovely way to grow a sense of companionship with someone you may not experience much time with in general. Then, as you reminisce over said experience while you both enjoy a beautiful Turnbuckle pretzel, you can schedule your next adventure together in the best manner.

Include Them Correctly

Including someone in your daily adventures can be a great idea to show them that you care. For instance, you may have to travel to a certain city for a job interview, which may translate into an overnight stay in a hotel and a nice few hours to explore. You might ask your friend to come along with you and have dinner in a beautiful restaurant that night. Impromptu means of including someone in this capacity can really show where your true priorities lie.

Believe In Their Best Self

Sometimes, an encouraging word is enough. While it’s important for us to hold ourselves to account and to keep ourselves motivated, sometimes there’s nothing more effective than a warm word from a friendly and encouraging voice. If we can be that voice for someone else, we let them know that they care, and this gives them the chance to feel even stronger. Just be sure to mean what you say, because undue praise aimed at making the person feel good at any cost can come across as a little insincere.

With this advice, we hope you can let that special person know you care.


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