Friday, February 7, 2020

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Whether you’re a homeowner that enjoy regular travel for work and leisure, or a landlord looking for ways to increase revenue doesn’t matter. The prospect of using short-term rentals is very attractive. 

Even a small level of research will show that this endeavor has the potential to generate a healthy return on investment. Before jumping in at the deep end, though, it’s imperative that you educate yourself on the matter. Otherwise, you may inadvertently set yourself up for a financial nightmare. Here are some of the key features you need to now. 

It’s Not Free Money 

When using short-term rentals, it would be easy to look at how much similar properties in your area charge and calculate your sums based on this fee. Sadly, this figure doesn’t paint an honest reflection of the financial results. 

This is a form of income that must be declared for tax purposes. Governments are able to track situations with ease thanks to services like LODGINGRevs. As such, landlords and homeowners using short-term rentals must accept their responsibilities. Be sure to take those aspects into account when calculating the financial outcomes. This should clear up whether the process is worthwhile. 

Your Property Needs To Shine 

You want your property to attract clients and avoid potential refunds and disagreements. Investing in the right upgrades for the home is an essential step that can unlock the best ROIs. This adds value to the home while also allowing you to charge more in the meantime. Holidaymakers and business visitors want comfort during their stays. As such, this is an essential feature that must not be ignored. 

It should also be noted that adding a detailed property listing will bring more interest in the home. As is the case with long-term rentals and property sales alike, taking better photos of the rooms will pay dividends too. 

The Process Is Time Consuming 

In truth, the marketing aspects are pretty simple. One advert listing can promote the property to thousands of potential customers. Similarly, the automated bookings and diary management tools ensure that this part of the process can be completed with ease. 

Nonetheless, managing your short-term rental properties does require a lot of time. You will need to communicate with several clients over the course of the year. Likewise, guests will expect the property owners to be present. You can bypass this with Manor Share and other property management systems. It removes stress and allows you to enjoy the full benefits of your financial investment. 

Full Property Rentals Aren’t The Only Option 

As with any investment or side hustle, it’s necessary to analyze every option at your disposal. Multi-family tenancy agreements have become increasingly popular for standard landlords. You may also wish to split your property into several rooms, with shared communal spaces, for your short-term rentals. This approach requires a little extra admin, but can increase the revenue. 

Better still, you will only need to fill a part of the property to see a positive return. This is especially useful for large properties, and may allow you to tea up with a local business to home their guests or temporary contractors. One way or another, only the best ROI will do. 


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