Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Six Dream Upgrades For Your Home In 2020

If you are thinking about going for those luxury home upgrades in 2020, you need ideas! Adding the luxury elements to your decor in your home makes a big difference to the value of your house as well as the way that you use the space. You get to appear elegant and stylish, luxurious and extravagant. Your home is your castle and you should have one that makes you feel proud and happy to live in it! 

So, with that in mind we are here for you when it comes to spectacular luxury ideas for your house. Let’s take a look at six dreamy upgrades that you should be considering for your home in 2020.

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Open Up The Space

An open floor plan in your home is so much more luxurious to look at. Think about it: airy, light, open, seamless and smooth - all words you want to be associated with your home. There’s a lot of space to move around when the space has been opened up, and you get a luxury, high-end feel when you take down a wall or two!

Open floor plans are elegant to look at and it allows more natural light to flood through the space. It also means that traffic can flow through the house a lot better, with smooth transitions from room to room. You also have the added flexibility of design with an open space. You may find it costly to lay the flooring in comparison to other rooms, but it’s worth the investment and it’s the first step to a luxury home. You'll increase the value of your home exponentially when you invest in an open-plan home.

Spa In The House? Yes, Please!

A spa is a place of luxury, relaxation and elegance. Well, add one into your home. You should have enough space in the spa bathroom to walk around, and you should consider adding things like a sauna and a shower with jets that hit your body from top to toe. The bathroom should also have a claw-footed tub where possible, with the best fixtures you can afford. For the ultimate in spa luxury, why not add in a hot-tub. Imagine coming home from a long day of work and slipping into your spa bathroom. Add in some candles and low music, and you have the perfect space to unwind.

Smart Home Upgrades

We are living in a digital world, so it makes sense that we should have responsive homes. If you want your home to be one that meets the standards of luxury, you need to consider home automation. Think smart light bulbs and thermostats, cameras in the doorbell and even app-controlled alarm systems! You need to step it up for luxury in your home with your smart senses, and you will be able to really embrace that luxury lifestyle with a digital home.

Add A Pool

Ah, a swimming pool in the yard. You need the best possible pool services to help you to maintain your new pool, but you also want somewhere in the morning to dip and do your own exercise. A pool is the epitome of luxury in your home and a well-maintained pool impresses all and adds value to the home, too.

Gym With Swimming?

You go to the gym to swim, too, and when you’ve installed the swimming pool as above, you now need a home gym to enjoy, too. Adding a home gym is necessary for your home to maintain that luxury vibe. You need mats and equipment, like weights and a cardio machine or two to make it a home gym worth visiting. You need to have air conditioning, good lighting and a space worth visiting every day!

Excellent Furnishings

The living room is a focal point in the home, and you need to have the standards as high as possible for them to be considered elegant at all. You should also have a great home entertainment system to enjoy. With the right lighting and carpeting, you should be able to enjoy a really beautiful living space with elegant furniture. Large sofas and a vast dining table should be on the list, as should smart appliances for the kitchen. The bed should be sturdy and the mattresses like a cloud to sleep on. Luxury furniture is a must in a home where you feel happy.

You deserve a home that embraces every luxury, so make it your mission for 2020 and take some of these suggestions on board!


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