Saturday, January 4, 2020

Five Great Reasons To Groom Your Dog

Becoming a pet parent is a privilege. You get the chance to raise, teach and nurture an animal - much like you would a child. You gain loyalty and companionship, and your pet is going to be a huge friend in your life unlike any other. Getting a new dog is not the same as buying a new iPad or toy to play with and then discard once you’re bored. You buy or rescue a dog for a lifetime, and this pup is your brand new responsibility - embracing this is so important.

It’s going to be on you to feed it, look after it, cuddle it and teach it how to regulate its moods. Dogs are emotional creatures, and you are going to be responsible for ensuring they are happy and secure. The mark of a good dog owner isn’t just in the training it not to bite (though this helps!) it's in how you look after your dog, too. You can make sure that your dog has the best  Leather Bowtie Collar and coat, but you should also ensure that you are doing everything within your power to keep your dog healthy. Doing this means regular grooming and getting to know the groomers in your area is important. You want to take your dog to a groomer that you can trust. After all: your dog is your beloved pet - they deserve the best!

So, let’s take a look at five great reasons that you should groom your dog regularly.

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1. Dogs shed, and that is not a secret. So, the first great reason to groom your dog is to control that shedding process. Professional groomers know exactly what grooming your dog needs. They’re specially trained, and they can give your dog the cut that they need. Pet groomers are able to get your dog’s coat looking healthy and gleaming. You can carry this on at home with regular brushing and weekly baths.

2. Grooming regularly avoids medical issues, which is why this is the second excellent reason to groom your dog. You want to ensure that you prevent your dog from any medical problems that arise as a result of a lack of grooming. Prevention is much better than a cure, and when it comes to taking care of your dog, you need to ensure their nails are trimmed, the hair in their eyes is cut back and you don't have a dog riddled with bugs that you can’t see! 

3. Did you know that grooming allows you to build a connection with your dog? You can really build a bond of pure love with your pet when you brush and groom them regularly. It’s not just for your pet, but for you, too. After a long day at work, you want to make sure that you have something to look forward to - and your dog is going to be that something. When you take care of him properly, he’s going to be more in love with you than ever! It’s relaxing to brush out the coat of your dog, and you shouldn't underestimate that! It also gives you a chance to set up recognizable commands so that your dog knows what to expect.

4. When your dog heads to the groomers, they will get a chance to experience proper massage techniques. Massage for dogs is important, and it’s not something that you should try unless you are properly trained in dog massage techniques. Dogs can benefit from your touch, but you should ask for advice when it comes to proper massage techniques. You don’t to get this wrong!

5. Lastly, proper grooming is going to improve the emotional health of your dog. You want your dog to look good and that will make them feel good, too. When we look good we feel great, and dogs are no different. Dogs need to feel taken care of for them to be happy and healthy. Dogs will feel often stressed and uncomfortable when they’re not groomed properly. This leads to nervous behavior and can also lead to hair shedding and biting their own skin.

Getting on the same page as the groomers is important. You don't take a dog home and expect it to look after themselves; they can only do so much! You are in charge of their health, and if you would use flea treatments and take them to get new coats and dog shoes for cold weather, then you should make the effort to ensure that proper grooming is done, too. 


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