Friday, November 15, 2019

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We feel the pressures in every aspect of our lives. We may end up feeling fatigued or unwell a lot, not because of one specific thing, but because there are a plethora of problems. It's difficult in the modern-day, especially when we are bombarded with numerous methods of survival. But when it comes to something like self-improvement, the goal is simple, being a better version of ourselves. How can we do this?

Addressing Pressing Problems

We are the biggest obstacle. When we start on a path to fulfillment or self-improvement, we have to look at who we are. This means a very long, hard look in the mirror. And while, for some people, the obstacles are staring them in the face, for others, it can take a lot of digging. An issue like depression is common. But we needn’t let it get in the way of achieving what we want, especially with various professional resources out there. A place like Honey Lake Clinic can provide professional help with depression. And with something like depression, it can be a symptom of the much larger problem, which means that if we get to the root of it, we've got a foundation on which to build upon. Making a new change in life is about confronting those elephants in the room.

Start At The Very Beginning

It's a very good place to start! We don't stumble upon the best version of ourselves right away. It's all about taking steps in the right direction. The very idea of making any change in life is about saying to yourself that you are ready to take that first step. When we start out and have made the decision that we want to make significant changes, we can very easily get intimidated by the long road but we have to remember that taking the first step is always the most difficult. As soon as you take that first step, then you can focus on taking the next one.

Forget About Shortcuts

We live in an age where we want everything on a plate, right in front of us and we want it now. Shortcuts, when it comes to improving yourself on the inside, don’t necessarily exist. There is no magic trick to changing yourself, it's about understanding that you have to undertake this journey. Shortcuts can be beneficial in other aspects of your life, and you may very well use shortcuts in order to make life easier in other ways. For example, if you want to work smarter rather than harder, especially when exercising, you could use significant tools like high-intensity interval training. What we need to remember when we are working on improving ourselves, is that these tools are all grist to the mill. We absorb the relevant tools, and we discard the others. After a while, we can begin to see what is beneficial to us in our lives. But it takes a long journey in order to recognize those aspects that will serve you well. This is especially true if you haven't been well, or you suffer from negative thought patterns. You may find that you have automatically shied away from anything that benefits yourself. And this means that it can take a long journey to get to the end product.

Don't Give Yourself A Deadline

Deadlines provide motivation in one respect, but when you look at self-improvement from the inside-out, does a deadline provide more pressure than is necessary? A deadline is all about getting something completed. But when you hit your goal, however big or small it may be, what happens after that? But there is the cliche: we are all a work in progress. And as we learn to step in the right direction, we can see there are more challenges that we would like to take on. It's about having that healthy balance, because in one respect you may have a certain goal, and then you can work on maintaining it, meaning that you are still progressing. But also, as that deadline can provide a sense of finality, this could result in relapses. It's far better, in this respect, to implement certain lifestyle habits. When you are stepping in the right direction, you've got something to look towards, but when you reach this goal, putting another goal in its place can provide that motivation. Some people need motivation in order to progress through life. If you are someone who suffers from depression or anxiety, that need to “busy yourself” may very well prove a lifeline. But if you use the deadline as a pressure, especially if you put the deadline too near, this can have the opposite effect.

You Don't Need To Be On Your Own

Being the best version of yourself is partly to do with taking the initiative, but always remember that you can get help from other people. Pride comes before a fall. And a lot of people pride themselves on being self-made. But let's get this out of the way: we all need help on occasion. Perhaps this is the reason you've not been able to become a better version of yourself? As you start to open the metaphorical blinds, you will realize the opportunities that make themselves available to you. Sometimes this means that we need to ask for help in order to get to the next level. Whether it's personal, professional, or emotional, you never need to be on your own. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, and in fact, it can be a lifeline.

Learning to be a better version of yourself is about looking in the mirror and seeing what you want to achieve. We so easily measure ourselves by other people's achievements and this automatically intimidates us, and stops us from making changes. But once we start to look at the person we want to be, the only person that really matters, in the end, is ourselves. We can't change anyone else, but we can change ourselves. It's never too late. 


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