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How To Beat Menopause Fatigue & Gain More Energy!

Most women who are dealing with aging gracefully must go through menopause at some point or another. Many of the women who go through the menopausal period deal with some bothersome symptoms. Anything from bloating, weight gain, hormone changes and hair loss come up, but one of the most common is a total drain in energy. Menopause fatigue is a big deal, and it’s just not talked about enough. Fatigue is a common complaint with menopause and this is primarily because the body is adjusting to a whole new chemistry. The hormones that have gone through your body throughout your life start to adjust themselves, and this takes some getting used to!

Of course, low energy can be caused by a number of other things in your body, but unless you are suffering from things like anemia, diabetes or issues with your thyroid, you can mostly place the blame of your fatigue on menopause itself. Menopause symptoms like weight gain and exhaustion can be helped, so speaking to the Simple Online Doctor should be able to help you out. If you are feeling fatigued and it’s starting to impact your everyday life, you need that medical guidance to ensure that your get up and go hasn’t got up and gone!

Most of the time, women don’t require any treatment for the symptoms of menopause. They don't last more than a couple of years and by then, the body has got used to its new chemistry and can work just the way it always has. However, there are things that can be done to relieve symptoms - especially of menopause fatigue - and gain a little more energy. 

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Why Do Menopausal Women Get Fatigued?

Before we can understand how to gain more energy, we need to understand why the fatigue happens in the first place, so let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons that women deal with fatigue during menopause.

  • Hormones. Those pesky little things! Hormones are adjusting and transitioning in your body and brain, and these rushing around your body can drain you of all of your energy. You could be calm on the exterior, and be a bouncing bunny on the inside trying to keep up. It’s difficult, and it’s hard work.
  • Ignoring Fatigue. Women are superheroes, we all know that. We deal with everything while keeping calm and carrying on. When it comes to feeling tired, we brush it aside and keep on keeping on regardless of the fatigue that we are feeling. When you ignore the exhaustion, you further it, so don’t ignore it.
  • Reverse Puberty. Women go through hormonal shifts during puberty as we transition into being women who can procreate. Now, it goes backwards again. When you were a teenager, it’s likely you slept as much as you physically could - which is what your body wants to do all over again. Bodies are clever old things, and even if you’re not in the mood for a nap, you’ll be napping because it knows exactly what you need.

If you find that you are dealing with fatigue, it’s important to have a moment of self-reflection and work out whether you’ve been unintentionally ignoring it for some time. When you realize that you have been putting your own exhaustion to one side and squashing it down, it’s time to embrace it enough to realize what’s causing it. So, with that in mind, you need to consider how you want to boost those flagging energy levels, and start feeling much more like yourself again. 

Let’s explore eight simple hacks to let you do just that.

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Embrace Exercise

Take half an hour at the least out of your day, and workout. Go for a class, a swim, a brisk walk - whatever exercise you fancy, get it done. You may not even want to do it in that moment, but routine is key and you need to incorporate it into your routine if you want your energy boost. Exercise keeps your heart healthy, your energy levels up and your body feeling good with all the feel-great hormones buzzing around it. Start early in the day not long after waking, and you will be energized for the day.

Calm Down The Coffee

You may love your morning Starbucks, but really you should be curbing it a little. You’re feeling exhausted and the hit of caffeine is nice and all, but it’s a temporary boost to a long-term problem. So, capping the consumption can help you to detox from it, so that you can get your energy levels up naturally. Water, for example, is an excellent tool for upping your energy levels. The more hydrated your brain, the better your body feels. Don’t allow yourself to crash after a coffee any more!

Eat Little And Often

If you want your energy levels to be up and consistently so, think about what you’re eating and how often you’re eating it. Being overweight during menopause is common, and it’s much harder to lose the weight during that period of your life. Still, you can maintain healthy eating behavior and exercise where you can. Keep a good balance through all food groups and try not to be too heavy on the restriction: you want calories little and often to remain energized.


Okay so, while we’re talking about being more energized, it does mean that you have to mind how much you are relaxing and actually embrace it while it’s happening. Sit down a while and read a book. Go and sit on the beach and watch the waves. Whatever relaxes you will help you to be more energized when you do get up to do something.

Sleep Well

You may think you’re getting eight good hours of sleep a night, but if you’re dealing with night sweats and menopausal insomnia, you’re getting sleep that isn’t consistent. You need restful sleep more than you need “sleep”, so make sure that you’re sleeping in a comfortable space where you aren’t dealing with your body clock going haywire. Sun lamps, cool sheets and comfortable bedding can really help you to improve your sleep.


We mentioned how good water is for the brain, but you also need to fuel your body. A hydrated body doesn't work as hard to do anything, and dehydration also leads to sluggishness and dry skin - neither of which you want to have to deal with! Where possible, choose water as your drink and make it fun with any of these recipes if necessary. Water is going to keep your energy at a high, which is exactly what you need during menopause.

Learn To Say No

It may feel hard to say no to people sometimes, but you mustn't overbook yourself if possible. If you do that, all you’re going to be doing is stressing yourself out and trying to do too much. Say no a little more often and spread out your social calendar so you’re not doing too much at once. If you find that you are exhausted, you’re probably too busy, too!

Herbal Remedies Could Help

Some people swear by herbal teas to help them with their exhaustion. Valerian root is excellent for enabling you to sleep, while black cohosh can help to curb anxiety you may be feeling. Speak to your doctor before starting any herbal remedies, and keep yourself in the right lane for your health. If any herbal remedies don't agree with you, simply stop using them!


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