Friday, October 18, 2019

Making Your Car Last Longer

We used to think that our cars would start to face more serious issues when they got to around ten years old, or when they had driven over 100000 miles. We’d begin to expect breakdowns, more expensive repairs and MOT fails once our cars reached this point. But, with newer, more efficient vehicles, with modern advancements and care, many get closer to 200000 miles before serious problems start. This means that as someone that drives a moderate amount, a car could last well over ten years before it starts to cost you that much money that it’s more cost-effective to replace it. 

But, only if you take care of it. Like home appliances and other significant expenses, your car is bound to last longer if you look after it, take sensible precautions, and put a little time and effort into your vehicle. Here are some of the things that you can do to make your car last for longer. 

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Get it Serviced

You should have a full service every year if you drive a lot, or at least every 10000 miles if you drive less often or for shorter journeys. A service won’t automatically flag up issues, but it will take care of things like changing your oil and air conditioning filters, refilling fluids, checking tire pressure and oiling hinges, and other openings. It might also give the mechanic a chance to spot what could be a big problem before repairs become costly. 

Different garages offer different services, so make sure you know what’s included in the price before you book. 

Drive Carefully

Better drivers find that their cars last longer. This is partly because they are less likely to be involved in a severe accident, but it’s also because their cars are treated more kindly. They are used gently, and so are less likely to show serious signs of wear and tear. Drive to the speed limit, brake slowly and in plenty of time, or even better, control your speed well so that you barely need to brake at all. Corner gently, give yourself plenty of space, and try to avoid bad driving habits creeping it. 

Keep it Clean
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Clean cars can also last longer. Vehicles that are cleaned often are less likely to rust, and the engines won’t become clogged with dirt, pollution, or leaves. Make sure you get your car cleaned frequently, and try to keep it in a secure, covered location when possible. 

Prepare for Long Trips

Before a long trip, you should also perform basic car safety checks and make any adjustments needed. This will keep you and your family safe on the road, but it will also protect your car. 

Be Careful with Replacements

It’s thought that around a third of us have at some point bought fake car parts instead of branded parts when our cars need replacements. While this can be a great way to make money, fake car parts generally don’t last as long and may not be as safe. 

Don’t Ignore Warnings

Most of us are guilty of ignoring warning lights on our dash, hoping that they’ll just go away on their own. Chances are, however, that the problem will get worse, perhaps causing more damage to your vehicle and becoming more costly to fix. 


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