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If you look down your driveway to see an old banger staring back at you, you would be right in thinking that it’s time for a new car. The choice of vehicle stock in the twenty first century can be mind blowing. However, for the family market, there are newer SUVs, greener cars and safety features to consider. The most important thing for most families when choosing a new car is budget and working out whether to go brand new off a forecourt or whether to opt for a reliable used car from a dealership. Take a look at this guide to help you navigate the family car market. 

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Used Or New

There is always a temptation to go for a brand new car. However, with a new car comes a larger price tag. This is a cost that will depreciate the moment you drive your new set of wheels away from the forecourt. You could cushion the blow of a new car by opting for a sell car for cash sort of scheme, where you can trade in your old banger for some readies to put towards your new vehicle.

Alternatively, you could seek out the used car route. Used cars are becoming more and more reliable as manufacturers lengthen warranties. Choosing a used car can save you cash upfront initially and you will have more choice, helping you pick a vehicle that belongs to a lower insurance group.

Running Costs

If you aren’t sure what to look for when selecting a new family car, take a look at running costs. You need a car that will do many miles to the gallon so look at fuel economy. Ensure that you consider greener cars. Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular as they require a recharge rather than more expensive fuel. They are also better for the environment, belong to lower insurance groups and cost less in maintenance. They may cost more to buy initially, but these sorts of cars are great for the long term. 

Don’t forget to look under the hood of any car that you are looking to buy. If you have no idea about the mechanics of vehicles, take someone who can spot a blown head gasket or a poorly conditioned engine. You don’t want to be stuck with a lemon on your driveway.

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Safety Features

On any journey, you want to make sure that your brood is protected. While you may be a safe and defensive driver, other road users may be aggressive and fast, with very little hazard perception. Accidents can happen, and you want to make sure that the motor that you have protects your passengers. Take a look at the Euro NCAP website which rates all family cars out of five for safety features. Consider looking at cars with more advanced braking systems, blind spot detectors and hazard perception. More advanced automated safety features are becoming standard in twenty first century vehicles.

Choosing a new car can be a pleasure for some, but a chore for many. Follow this guide and ensure that you find your perfect family car.


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