Sunday, June 16, 2019

Repairing vs. Replacing Your AC

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Summertime is in full swing, and that means your air conditioner is probably going full throttle — that is, unless it's not working correctly. Before you start searching "AC repair near me" though, it is important to consider whether you truly need repair, or whether your home would benefit from an entirely new unit.

 How Old Is Your Air Conditioner?

The first thing you should consider when working through the "repair vs. replace" debate is the gave of your HVAC unit. Of course, there is no steadfast age that makes a unit too old to repair, which is why some experts use a dollar amount instead. To determine if your air conditioner is too old to repair, consider its age as well as how much the repair cost is. Multiply them, and if the number is more than $5,000, consider replacement instead. For example, a 10-year-old unit that is going to cost $500 to repair will equal to exactly $5,000, so it may be best to replace it instead. However, a 5-year-old unit at $350 will only multiply to $1,750, so it is fine to repair.

Is Your Current Unit Energy-Efficient?

Energy efficiency matters as well. Even if your HVAC unit is technically repairable, it could still be costing you hundreds of dollars each year if it lacks any energy efficiency. Energy Star recommends purchasing an energy-efficient unit if your current unit is 10 years old or older, and even HVAC technicians recommend replacement after 15 years. The average lifespan of a unit is 14 years, so if yours is on the brink of old age, now is the time to purchase something more efficient.

Whether you decide to hire someone to repair your current unit or replace it with a brand new, energy-efficient model, it is important to hire technicians who are licensed, certified, and insured. This not only saves you money but ensures the safety of you and your property since HVAC work requires being around dangerous electrical or gas components.


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