Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Care Options for Your Aging Loved Ones

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As your parents grow older, it’s important to make plans for the type of care they may need over the coming years. There are many options to consider as you make this monumental decision, and it’s important to have a plan in place before the need arises. As you prepare for this next phase of life, here are the most common scenarios and the key factors you should take into consideration.

Retirement and Nursing Homes

Sending an aging parent or loved one to a new environment may seem overwhelming, but these highly specialized centers may be the best option, especially if someone is in need of frequent medical care or attention. Many offer treatments for the elderly, including memory care Denver, physical therapy and 24-hour medical staff. Some facilities are also designed to make life as normal and enjoyable for residents as possible, including amenities like movie theaters, salons and cafeterias set up like restaurants.

Most nursing homes are wholesome facilities, where the elderly are treated with respect and taken care of. However, there have been incidents where they have been abused in some nursing homes. If this ever happens to your loved one you can hire a nursing home abuse lawyer to help you.

Professional Home Care

If your parent prefers to stay in their current home but requires frequent medical evaluation and help with everyday tasks, hiring a professional home caregiver may be your best option. This service usually comes with a much lower price tag than moving to a retirement or nursing home, but still allows the client to receive the specialized care they need. Caregivers can help run errands, administer medications and prepare healthy meals.

Personal Family Care

If you have a close relationship with your aging loved one and the time to help, caring for them yourself may be an option. Be sure that your schedule truly allows you to provide the care and attention they will need. You'll also need to consider proximity and make sure someone can get to them within just a few minutes in the event of an emergency. Though it can be stressful, some do find it very rewarding.

Whatever you choose, make sure to be realistic about your parent's needs and desires. With a good plan in place, you can rest easy knowing your loved one will have the care they require.


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