Thursday, May 16, 2019

Upgrade Your Car With These Practical Additions

You use your car every day, so it makes sense to try and make it as practical as possible. On its own, it’s probably only capable of taking you from A to B, and then to C, D, and E as you act as a taxi driver for your kids. 

But, with just a few little additions, you can upgrade your car into a more practical beast. Now, you can do a whole bunch of things that will benefit both you and your family. 

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Get a bike rack

Bike racks are very practical as they let you use your car as a way of transporting your bikes from place to place. If you’ve ever gone anywhere with your kids, then you know how valuable this is. They always want to bring their bikes, which is impossible if you don’t have a good bike rack. But, now that you’ve armed your car with a great rack, you can take their bikes wherever you want. So, no more screaming kids on a family day out!

Attach a towbar

A towbar gives your car the ability to, well, tow things behind it! While this might not seem all that beneficial, it’s surprisingly useful. Top-quality towbars will be strong enough to pull another vehicle behind you, which gives you an excuse to buy a caravan for your family holidays! On a more realistic level, a towbar lets you pull small trailers behind you - which can be very handy if you’re doing something like clearing out your home and need a way of transporting all the rubbish. Regardless of how you use it, it will definitely add a new level of practicality to your car.

Get a USB charger

This is such a simple addition that makes your car so much more useful. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare; you’re driving for a long time, and your phone runs out of battery. You don’t have a portable charger, so you’re resigned to your phone dying. But, if you add a USB charger to your car, it gives you the ability to plug your phone in and boost the battery. There are ones that fit in the cigarette lighter and can charge multiple devices; super practical.

A digital assistant

You know those things like the Amazon Echo that have been growing in popularity the last year or so? Things like that are basically digital assistants that provide you with all the information you request. Mainly, you use them in the home, and they can be pretty useful. But, you can also get them for your car as well. By adding one to your vehicle, it makes it way more intelligent. Essentially, you’re driving with a co-pilot all the time! If you need directions, you can ask the assistant. If you need to accept calls, you can do it via the assistant - and so on. It allows you to do things you previously couldn’t, so your car is more practical. 

Add any of these things to your family car if you want to give it a bit of an upgrade. They’re all relatively low-cost, and they definitely make your car better. 


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