Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tips To Train Your Puppy

One of the most joyous, loving, loyal additions to any family unit is a dog, and puppies are just the cutest darn’ thing in the world. However, your new bundle of joy needs love, play, your attention and most importantly training. One of our best friends and housemate for many years has great experience at training rescue dogs and puppies, and his mantra for a long-time happy dog is ‘A happy dog is an obedient dog’. 

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Training through play

Dogs love to play, it’s their favourite thing to do. Be it fetching a ball or stick, tug-of-war on a rope, jumping for a toy, rolling over or, something more productive in terms of training, even learning to sit and stay - if you can make the training task you are trying to achieve become a game, your dog will enjoy this activity and learn from it. Play is a treat for a dog in itself, so if you can use play as a treat rather than using treats to get your dog training through play, then you’ll have a healthy and obedient dog in no time.

House training

Dogs need to learn where it is allowed for them to go and do their business and where it is not allowed for them to do this. This really is the trial and error part of dog training, as they’ll never learn they can not wee or poop on your lovely carpet or floor until you tell them otherwise. Many owners will pick their dogs up during the act and physically move them to the garden or pet toilet area until they learn this is the place to do it. Others will tell off their dog at the scene of the crime, so they learn that this is not ok. In both of these well-known approaches, it is key that you praise your dog when they are weeing or pooing in the right place! 

Another house training to consider is where you want your dog to be allowed to go or not go in your home. This is completely down to you as the owner, but don’t just rely on gates or objects blocking their paths to these areas - you must teach them where they can and can’t go.

But, admittedly, sometimes the teaching or house training process can be very frustrating. Particularly in the early training stages, your dog may still end up pooping in your yard or anywhere around your property. Don't give up. Instead, continue to train them, or better still, hire a dog training expert to do that for you. Another expert you can consider hiring is someone to scoop the poop from your yard. Yes, professionals are devoted to that task, and you can find them on many online platforms, such as

Dog obedience school

As well as your owning training methods, and the tips above, you should also go to a dog trainer or a dog obedience school. Here you will get professional help from trainers with years of experience behind them, in all forms of training and will all types of dogs. What’s great also is that this is a place your dog can meet and play with other dogs in a controlled safe space, but do make sure they don’t pick up any bad behavior from fellow dogs.

Training your dog takes time, care, strategy and your unwavering love and attention - but with these tips, you can make the most out of training your dog and reap the rewards which are a happy dog and happy family!


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