Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The clothes we wear are under constant attack. The environment we live in, the sun, the rain, and even the food we eat can damage our favorite fashion items. Natural light from the sun’s rays can fade colors. Dry-clean only fabrics can perish or stain in a rain shower. And did you know that the odors from cooking food can hang around in your clothing even after a wash?

Care labels are inserted into clothing to help you make decisions about how to clean them. The trouble is, there isn’t a lot of great advice there to tackle all the other issues and risks we might come across on a day-to-day basis. This is where tips and tricks for tackling stains can come in really handy! Even celebrities know the shaving foam trick for getting foundation stains off your neckline.

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Tight budgets can also cause your fashion to fall out of favor much quicker than you would like. It’s always worth spending a little more to make sure the fabrics you’re getting are good quality. The manufacturing process should be high quality too to ensure the clothing can take a few washes without damage. There are lots of cute affordable online boutique options that buy in good quality garments from reputable sources. Try to avoid the budget lines that tend to offer wear-once options.

If you wash and dry your laundry yourself, consider the wash cycle program you choose. Delicate washes will avoid the high spin that can misshape delicate fabrics. However, the items will come out much wetter than on the spin cycle. Using a dryer can also damage lots of fabrics. If you need to use one, set a cooler program on the machine. Try to air dry if you can. Of course, the outside air might not be that fresh, and you could be at risk of picking up dirt and bird mess on your laundry!

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Ironing is another way you can easily damage your clothes. But without the iron, your clothes simply won’t look much at all! Always choose the coolest setting, and try not to over dry your garments. Any item of clothing that incorporates different textures or materials can be a challenge. Take your time to use different heat settings for each part. 

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Hanging or folding your fashion is essential for storing them in your closet. Always hang items whenever possible. If you need to fold them, make sure to fold along the seam to avoid extra creases that might be difficult to remove. You can find a folding board to make light work of tees and blouses. As for hanging? Keep garments separated rather than crushing everything in together. Use padded hangers to avoid tears or snagging from them.

Some climates attract a lot of insects and moths. These can turn your fashion faves into food! If you want to avoid moths, you might try some mothballs. Different woods for your closet are also thought to put them off coming after your clothing. Garment covers are ideal for your designer dresses to keep them protected from any intruders! How do you care for your most delicate fashion items?


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