Monday, November 13, 2017

Dens: Not Just For Kids

Wherever you look online for tips about building a fantastically cozy den, you find lots of advice about making a space for teenagers and younger children. We’re not talking blanket and box forts – as fun as they may be – we’re talking about that spare room you use to chill out and watch TV in. We’re talking about making a space to totally relax and kick back away from the rest of the house. Sometimes, just sometimes, grown-ups need that bit of space, too.

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Playing around with making a room purely a stress-free zone to relax in is exciting! Most of the time, adults get the raw end of the deal. We have to make the decisions with regard to mortgages and bills. We have to sort all the interior design of the house and make it special for everyone else; including guests who only visit once or twice a year. Sometimes, it’s nice to put yourself first and make yourself a space that only you can unwind in. The way you decorate your den is going to reflect you and how you relax, so there’s no real one size fits all approach to the interior design. Don’t feel afraid to experiment with colours and textures – remember, it’s all about what relaxes you. On saying that, here’s some excellent ways to create your own relaxation den at home!

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  1. Comfort is absolutely key. You need a space that isn’t rigid; so, a wooden chair with a cushion to sit on is likely not going to be the way to go. Browse Comfy Sacks for ideas on the best beanbags to relax on. Chuck the chairs out and make the whole space a fort of pillows, blankets and beanbags so that you can be as comfortable as possible.
  2. Fun is an essential. A big part of being an adult is the fact that you have responsibilities. Fun is not a responsibility, which means you need to learn to relax and have some of it to balance out your everyday routines. Add some of these retro games, a large television and even a music player if dancing it out is your thing. The bottom line is about having fun, and that’s going to be totally individual to you!
  3. Lighting means a lot. If you are a bookworm and want to use your den space to lay back with a good book, you need to ensure that the lighting is perfect. Reading in dim light is not ideal for the health of your eyes, so you need to have a few of these floor lamps scattered around so that wherever you are, you can read your books properly. Installing a dimmer switch is going to be important, because even when you don’t want to read, you may want to turn down the lights for a movie.
  4. Snacks are required. A small mini fridge to hold your favourite drinks and chocolate means that on the days you don’t want to do anything but laze around, you have everything you need to hand. 
Being a grown-up can often, well, suck. But you can also be a grown-up that pays for a whole den of your own to relax in. Not so bad now, huh?


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