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Many of your household costs such as your mortgage and cable bill have a fixed price, making it easy to budget for them.Others, however, are more unpredictable and can come as a nasty surprise - like your energy bills. Unlike your mortgage or your gym membership, your energy bill is something that you can actively reduce by making some simple changes to your lifestyle. Want to win that power struggle for lower energy bills? Read the following tips that could help you cut down. 

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Power off at the mains, not the standby button

One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that they’ve turned their appliances off when they hit the standby button. While you will be using less energy than if the appliances were turned on, you could be using even less by turning them off altogether. Get into the habit of turning your appliances off at the mains at night and watch your energy bills decrease.

Invest in a more efficient water heater

Water heaters come in different varieties, and some are more energy efficient than others. Take a look at electric tankless water heater reviews and see the benefits of using a tankless heater to cut your energy bills down. Tankless heaters will heat your water instantly, meaning there’ll always be hot water without having to keep it on constant. It’s a great solution for households where multiple family members are in and out of the bathroom and could significantly reduce your electricity or gas bill.

Get out more

One great way that you can save on your energy bills is to get out more! Instead of sitting at home watching TV or wasting time on the internet, you could be outside getting some fresh air and doing fun activities with the family. You and your family should never have an excuse to be bored so plan some great outdoor activities you can do together that will get you out of the house. The extra exercise will be good for your health and will be sure to cut your energy bills down.

Start tracking your usage

One way to shake up your energy consumption habits is to start tracking your usage with a smart meter. There are pros and cons to using a smart meter, but they could be useful in your home to help you track exactly how much energy you’re using and identify where those peak moments are. Keep an eye on those numbers and aim to keep them as low as possible. Other alternatives include investing in remote home kits such as Apple HomeKit which allow you to control your heating and lighting outside of the house to help you reduce wasted electricity.

Cutting down on your energy bills is a good way for your family to make the most of its budget. If you can cut down on everyday expenses, you’ll have more to put aside towards paying off debts or put into savings while also helping the environment too. Set yourselves an energy-saving challenge and see if you can reduce your monthly bills from now on.


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