Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Giving Your Car A Home

Coming home from work, after being stuck in traffic and having to weave your way in and out of small spots, to only find you have to find a parking space can be incredibly frustrating. Not only are you tired, but your patience is wearing thin. All you want to do is to park your car, but it’s not that simple. Your car is also a prized possession because it's a symbol of your status, helps you to work and also is worth a lot of money. Therefore it needs to be safe and secure, and leaving it on the street, even in a supposed safe area, just isn’t enough these days. Of course, you may think that an alarm and tracking technology will save you from thieves, but car manufacturers are constantly finding that thieves are innovating. It would be great if you home were more car-friendly so that you can swoop in and park with no hassle, as well as have peace of mind.

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A front garden does make the home look nicer but essentially doesn’t add much else. A paved driveway, on the other hand, is an extension without really being an extension. A driveway would make the front of your home into a feasible, usable space which real practical qualities. The issue arises in the cost, but actually, this is a thing of the past. The market has boomed since the turn of the millennium, and the number of homeowners wanting their personal parking space has gone through the roof. It's cheaper to look at something like a cement or tar driveway; however, these two don’t have the longevity. A brick driveway is the best option because it can take the weight of any vehicle without being damaged in any way.

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It's the dream of many to have their own garage. It keeps your car safe from thieves but also shields it from the elements. The weakest point of this structure is, of course, the door itself. Getting the right door isn’t always about aesthetics because that’s an afterthought and therefore an aftermarket issue. You can always paint your door or have it coated once you have it fixed. For safe and strong doors you should check out a company like A-1 Door Company. They have a 5-star rating from customers who have reviewed them on Yelp. They also have a BBB rating that’s A+ as they have shown their worth as a business also. Anything from windows, from wood to metal, and electric door motors which open by a switch that is also portable, you have a plethora of choices that are all newest in their field.

Making a home more car-friendly isn’t always about having a tyre pump and a jack lying around somewhere. It's about giving your car a home also so that it's away from the street and out of harm’s way. A driveway is the cheaper option but immediately gives you a personal parking space. A garage is much better but will cost more as well as require planning permission. 


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