Thursday, October 5, 2017

Seeing The Injury Silver Lining

Getting injured sucks, and there is absolutely no way around it. Not only does it immobilize you to a degree, but it can easily demotivate you in a large way. No matter how well you were pursuing your goals beforehand, getting injured is likely to throw a wrench in your plans, and make you subject to a period of boring recuperation. This article isn’t here to try and motivate you to action because that can sometimes be the opposite of what you need when you’re trying to take the best medical advice your doctor is giving you. 

Sometimes, staying in bed as long as possible is for sure the best practical advice you can have, so networking at the local business fairs might be out of your ability for the time being. However, if you’re expecting to recuperate in a matter of time, you may be able to take this period in your stride. Life is usually filled with difficult and sometimes tragic events like this, and everyone experiences them in their own way. However, that doesn’t mean that seeing the silver lining in your period of injury is impossible, or should be forgotten about. Even in situations which can feel like the most negative circumstance, trying to see the issue from this perspective can help you in a plethora of ways, especially mentally.

Here are a couple of the best:


In accidents which aren’t your fault, you are often entitled to the best in financial compensation. Most times, you are able and encouraged to go for damages compensation, as well as being financially restored for the pain you have experienced. For this reason, it’s important to get a strong legal team behind you to restore the ‘karmic justice’ of the pain you have experienced. If you feel as though your case is being treated with sufficient depth by a firm like Craig Swapp & Associates, you’re more likely to feel at home in the situation, and not reflect on how wronged you have been.


This time, while away from the daily and normal progression of your life experience, is surely going to contribute in a massive way to how you think and plan your life. It might help you realize you were stuck in a career you didn’t want. It may give you wider room to ponder your progression to your goals and think up better solutions for reaching them. It may help you find out who is your genuine friend by who comes to help you in your time of need. This can be a time of immense practical and social value because despite being injured, you now have the space to study the entire situation from afar.


Anyone who goes through a period of difficult challenge such as an injury and recovering from one will become a better person in the process. Anyone subject to harsh circumstances like this become wiser, better and more rounded people. It sounds insulting to say that people who are injured will become better people as a result, as no one chooses it, and sometimes injuries can be so distressing that this benefit can seem insignificant. 

However, if you have gone through one, and have managed to compose yourself and mature your spirit enough to make it through we’d argue you have a massive platform for self-respect and should consider yourself a fighter. What are the challenges of life when you have battled with being incapacitated and healed from it? A small and petty office fight or gossip is much less likely to affect you when you have such periods of difficult to draw from and temper your personality. It puts everything in perspective, and in a difficult situation, maybe that’s a positive you can draw.

With these tips, you’re sure to experience a better internal time during your injury. We’d like to wish you every success in your healing process.


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