Friday, September 22, 2017

Managing Chronic Back Pain At Work

Dealing with back pain is a nightmare. As soon as the shooting pains or the aching begins, you know it isn’t going to be a good start to the day. It’s even worse when the pain sets in at work. At home, you can try and chill it or warm the muscles to relieve the soreness. Work is different because you don’t have the same tools at your disposal. Instead of putting on a brave face, though, there are options. Should an attack ever happen in the workplace, these are the tricks of the trade to consider.

Make Small Changes

The pain might set in at work, but the damage occurs earlier. Usually, it is the cause of bad posture or an uncomfortable sleeping position. Yep, the average person might think they are comfy and toasty in bed, but they’d be wrong. For those of you who do suffer in the workplace, a change to your lifestyle might be necessary. It doesn’t have to be a massive alteration because replacing a bed can be the key. All you have to do is learn about different mattresses and pick the one which suits your needs. Or, buying reinforced shoes could provide support to the lower back.
Be Chair Picky 

Do you know a colleague at work who insists they need a particular chair? Most people think they are hypochondriacs who want attention, but you know better. A seat plays a significant role in a person’s comfort, especially regarding the lower back. Simply put, the right one will offer support and sustain your weight for sustained periods. Hopefully, this should prevent the back muscles from doing all of the work. The features to look out for are lumbar support and a reclining option. Oh, and a comfy cushion for your tushy won’t go amiss. 

Keep Your Chin Up

This isn’t a supportive cliché to help you through the pain. It would be nice, but it’s better to take this advice literally. You see, one of the leading causes of back pain at work is slouching or hunching over. Indeed, studies suggest four out of five women struggle with back pain for this very reason. By keeping your chin and head high, it helps relieve the tension by aligning your neck and head with the shoulders. In simple terms, a high head straightens the back and prevents slouching or hunching. So, keep that head held high at all times.

Take A Break

A modern employee has to sit at a desk for hours on end. Aside from hurting the eyes, it also encourages back problems. Even with the advice above, prolonged sitting might cause issues which are hard to ease. So, you’ll be happy to hear, the key is to take regular breaks. By standing up, it realigns your posture and distributes the weight evenly across the body. Plus, it also takes the strain off your lower back and allows it to recuperate. If the boss says anything, tell him or her that you’re doing them a favour.

Why? It’s because regular breaks are essential for maintaining productivity and output. It’s a win, win for everyone. 


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