Friday, September 22, 2017

Be honest - who out there doesn’t want to spend a small fortune on upgrading their home? It would be nice to think money is no object. But the reality for most of us is that makeovers and renovations will have to wait until later in life, once we get a better-paid job, have less of a mortgage, and the time spare to implement our glamorous plans. 

However, don’t for a minute think you can’t change the entire look of your home decor inexpensively. The truth is there are a lot of small changes you can make that can result in an enormous improvement. So, whether you have just recently moved into a new house, or fancy freshening things up a little, read on - hopefully, these simple ideas will inspire you to get creative!

Door knobs and knockers

First up, the vast majority of people don’t think twice about their front doors and see them as purely functional thing. As long as they open, close, lock, and have a lick of paint, who cares, right? But if you want to impress, consider looking around for a decorative door knocker. Wherever you live - be it a flat or country house - it will make a brilliant first impression for your guests when they pop round. 

Paint and curtains

Can’t afford that beautiful wallpaper you saw at your local Homebase? Don’t panic - why not freshen things up with some paint, and finish off your room’s look with some fancy prestigious curtains? You will give any room an extra lift, and the cost of covering your windows with fabric will end up far less than wallpapering - and if you’ve never wallpapered before, you’ll also get a better finish.

Boards and floors

Panicking about your worn, moth eaten old carpet because you can’t afford the grand or so it will cost to replace? It’s OK - why not expose your floorboards instead? Hiring an industrial sander costs you peanuts, and it’s the same for buying the wax sealant you’ll need to finish your floorboards off to perfection. Place a few cheap rugs about the place and your room will look incredibly glam, and hugely impactful.

Dimmer switches

Lighting is another big issue for many people moving to a new place. Everyone is different, and some prefer brightness while others prefer low light. But a simple switch to a dimmer plate instead of your bog standard main lighting can give you the best of both worlds - and it means you won’t have to pay for ripping out the old and installing a whole new light system.

The natural touch

The next time you head down to the beach or take a walk in the forest, look around for anything you think might brighten up your home. Driftwood, for example, can make stunning pieces that bring a little nature into the home - just sand them down and varnish for longevity. Similar, bundles of long twigs can be placed in large vases to create a forest look in the corner of any room. Finally, you can also use twigs and vines to build an amazing and unique picture or mirror frames. It’s amazing what you might find if you keep your eyes open - and it’s all completely free! 


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