Thursday, February 23, 2017

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If you have a small outdoor area and aren’t sure how to utilize the space well, there are many ways to enhance it, without breaking the bank. It’s all about being creative and working with what you’ve got. 

Don’t forget About Your Balcony

If you live in an apartment and haven’t got access to a garden, don’t overlook your balcony space. Just like you would a garden, think of it as a place to unwind, and add your own unique and personal touch. There are a number of ways to use a balcony, from relaxing with a book to entertaining guests. It’s an extension of your home that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

Inject Some Greenery

There’s no reason why you can’t incorporate certain aspects of a garden when transforming your balcony space. Potted plants and flowers add vibrancy and color, helping to break up the monotony of concrete walls. Evergreens are the most practical type of plant, as they provide color all year round and are easy to look after. Japanese elms and Madagascar dragon trees are ideal for balconies. It’s worth investing in a decorative sturdy pot to enhance the overall look.

Create a Chill Out Zone

Without some form of outdoor furniture, your sanctuary will be lacking a much needed relaxation zone. For balconies, a long bench with padded cushions works well against the wall. Beanie bags are also fun for affordable vibrant seating. Prioritize furniture that’s light, and easy to move around or fold.  It’s important to durability into account too. For backyards with limited space, foldable chairs are a good idea, or use cushions on mats and moroccan pouffes. Foldout tables are perfect for entertaining in confined spaces.

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Add a Splash of Color

Contrast against boring brick tones and concrete with vibrant decor. Ethnic style plastic floor mats are great for balconies, and allow you to sunbathe in privacy on hot summer days. For small patios and decking, accessorize with colourful textured cushions and throws. This creates a more intimate setting and utilizes your space better. They’re also super easy to rearrange.

Tame your Lawn

An overgrown lawn is going to overwhelm a small garden space. Your most convenient option is to purchase a quality lawn mower, or for small patches of grass, garden shears will do. For small patches of grass, make sure there’s no plants or trees creating shade and depriving your green patch of nutrients.

Make the most of Wall Space

For small gardens with no much room for planting, grow upward plants like vines or wall creepers. For balcony spaces, wind chimes are a great option for creating a peaceful ambience. Mosaic mirrors are also great for creating the illusion of more space. Walls are also an opportunity for lighting. Lanterns and LED sensors are just a few options you could choose from.

However you decide to transform your outdoor space, make sure it’s a reflection of your true individuality. It’s always fun to experiment with DIY projects and find new ways to get inventive. So don’t be afraid to get stuck in!


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