Monday, December 15, 2014

It is a yearly event my family look forward to - The Reunion. I remember we've been doing it every year since I was a little kid. The venue would always be at my maternal grandmother's house in southern Metro Manila. When my grandmother passed away, the tradition remained intact. 

Years ago, our grandmother and great aunts would be in the kitchen preparing a special Christmas meal. Our mothers would sit around the dinner table chatting. Their husbands would be outside, having a few beers and talking about their careers while us kids would be running around, playing hide and seek or showing off our new toys.

Now, our mothers are getting to be a little old (Shhh...they don't want to be called that). We don't spend time in the kitchen anymore during reunions. We either do a potluck party or my cousin calls in a caterer to serve a sumptuous buffet. Whatever we decide to do, it is always a fun time to catch up with cousins. We do not live that far apart, but our schedules keep us way too busy to meet up frequently.

I am sharing with you pictures of my family's 2014 Christmas Reunion, held at my cousin's new house in south Metro Manila. 

My cousins and me (I am the one in the purple shirt). The top left photo (L-R) shows my youngest sister, my first cousin, my other sister, and me. The top right photo is me, my sisters and cousins together.

These are our gorgeous children - the next generation to give rise to equally gorgeous kids

Me, my poppa bear and the bear cubs

The selfie pictures. Oh my royal chubbiness!

A collage of smiles and good times

I hope you enjoyed viewing our pictures. Family is a gift that is to be treasured. Wishing you blessings of a good life, happiness in your heart, and warmth of family togetherness.

Have a meaningful Christmas everyone!


  1. Looks like a really happy family gathering, kakamiss naman ang family sa Pinas huhu. Love all the smiles!

    1. It was a happy one, sis Rose. This year the reunion was early. It is always done on Christmas day but this year, my cousin (the owner of the house) and his family will be flying to the United States for a vacation so we had to schedule the annual reunion a week earlier. :)

  2. how cool! I miss reunion like much fun!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Dhemz. Christmas in the Philippines is indeed one of a kind!


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