Monday, December 15, 2014

One Tree a Year at Christmas

Months ago, I planted an avocado seed in a flower pot. I was never really sure if it would grow, but it did! It was starting to get too big to be in a flower pot so I decided it was time to have my avocado seedling replanted in a vacant space in the neighborhood.

I asked the help of the village utility man to do the task of digging a nice round hole in the ground. He did a very good job! Now my avocado seedling will have a new home and will grow and bear fruit. 

It will officially be MY Christmas tree. I have helped "green" the earth and soon, people from nearby houses will get avocados for free! Maybe next Christmas my little tree will be big enough that I can hang some decorations on it to make it look a little festive. 

This will be my yearly activity of giving back to the environment. One tree a year at Christmas. Hmm... Now, what kind of tree will be next year's project? Any suggestions?


  1. That is a really good tradition. Soon, your backyard will be filled with family trees!

  2. Great idea! Makes me guilty not planting a tree :)


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