Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nine days to go before my birthday. What worthwhile thing did I do today? I helped my niece with her school project. I gave a beggar all the coins I had left in my coin purse, and a small package of pork casserole for his child to eat. 

Today, I give thanks for the flowers in bloom. Tiny, unassuming, without any fragrance but in time will become a fruit that we can enjoy. This little white flower will soon be a calamansi (Philippine lemon), rich in Vitamin C, and provides so much flavor in Asian dishes. 

A tiny shrub, a tiny flower, a blessing.

Thank you God Almighty for the gift of flowers, fruits, and shrubs. Thank you for the grass that provides food for our cattle. Thank you for the trees that provide shade and lumber to build our houses. Thank you for all your lovely green creations that I have not given much attention to until today.

Praise and Glory to You, Almighty Father, God of all creation!


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