Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Eight days before my birthday. Today I give thanks for the gift of healing.

One year ago today, on November 5, 2013, my husband broke his hip. He was bending over to turn on his night light when he just collapsed on the floor in pain. The x-ray examination confirmed that he incurred a trochanteric fracture of the left hip. 

This is an x-ray showing the titanium prosthesis used for Total Hip Replacement (This is not my husband's x-ray though) 
It took me three days to arrange with his insurance and he was finally admitted to The Medical City Hospital in Ortigas, Pasig City. Despite all the pain my husband was going through, I felt relieved because he would finally be able to get medical care. He was assigned to the best doctors - a team of orthopedic surgeons, the Director of Cardiology, a top notch anaesthesiologist, a pulmonologist and a specialist for pain management and physical rehabilitation.

The Medical City Hospital in Ortigas, Pasig City
My husband had total hip replacement surgery on my birthday, November 13, 2013. I spent my birthday in the surgery lounge, waiting, praying, hoping that nothing would go wrong. The operation was a success and he was wheeled into his room sitting upright on his Stryker bed, awake and smiling. We stayed for three weeks in the hospital to allow recovery from the surgery and to do physical rehab to get his back on his feet. 

Today, my husband has recovered. Although he still walks with a little limp, (which is not unusual for patients who underwent the same procedure) I am happy that we were able to overcome the trial.

I give praise and thanks to the Almighty God for the gift of healing. Today, I glorify the Great Healer, my Father in Heaven. In Him, all things are possible!

Praise and Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who lives and reigns forever and ever! 


  1. Oh no, that must have been so painful. Glad he is okay now. Praise God for the healing!

  2. Praise God your husband is now okay, having a broken bone isn't a good way especially if you are working.

  3. That must be very painful. So sorry to hear that. At least, he is doing good now.

  4. I am happy to know that you were able to surpass this challenge in your life. I admire you for acknowledging God's presence through your husband's healing. I take it as an inspiration to seek Him always too amidst daily tests and trials :)

  5. Prayers are very powerful. So glad to know that the operation went well and your hubby is now a lot better. :)


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