Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunny days and Sundays

Sunday is my Laundry Day.

I try my best to do it during weekdays but I am just too tired to do so. My tension rises every time I pass by the laundry basket and see how fast it piles up. My youngest son used to help me with this "dreadful" task, however, he has to be in school by noon and since he gets up at 10 am, then I guess I have to take ownership of this task.

Sorting the clothes is my first activity on a Sunday morning (after I had had 2 cups of coffee and watched the morning news). Whites, colored shirts, underwear, jeans, bath towels, bed sheets and pillow cases. After that is done. I stare at them and let out a sigh. 

Oh well. So I load up the washer and start my day listening to the hum of the machine. My children always tease me about the sun hiding in the clouds after the laundry is done. Its true! Whenever it is time for me to hang the clothes out to dry, there is no more sunshine. It is just suddenly cloudy. I think I'm cursed. Haha. 

Here are pictures of my first activity on a Sunday morning. Thank God there are no bed sheets today. 

The dreaded pile of clothes

The completed task. Whew!

One task done for the day. A gazillion more awaiting completion. Happy Sunday!


  1. I did my laundry yesterday and cleaning around the house today. Mommy's job is never done lol.

  2. I'm Mr Clean on Tuesdays... Hard to believe but I am too meticulous when it comes to laundry stuff.

  3. That's what I miss so much about doing the laundry in the Philippines, the sun and hanging out the clothes outside to dry!!! Here, the dryer does it for me and although it is quick, I still want the natural heat and warmth of the sun to dry our clothes. By the way, I love doing the laundry.

  4. ayay, I miss hanging clothes outside. Today is my laundry day...good job for doing the work!

  5. It really is an achievement to finish all the laundry and that feeling that everything is all set. Phew. It's such a relief! :)

    Lysa from

  6. I always have to wash my own clothes because I just know better how to wash them. That's how I care with my clothes.. :D

    Mission accomplished! :D


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