Sunday, March 9, 2014

Leveling Up from Gigs to Concert Performance

So now you're thinking of taking your guitar playing to the next level. You have a good guitar, a group of friends who play musical instruments, a lead singer and some equipment. What else would you be needing then?

You need an amp cabinet. You cannot play an amp head without a cabinet. That's a fact. So now you have to go into the detailed selection of a good amp cabinet compatible with your amp head. First thing to consider is the resistance which is measured in ohms. Your amp resistance must match that of the cabinet you choose. The fender cabinet from musicians friend offers different models to match your current amp. They are compact and rugged to enable easy transport, hence, it is perfect for taking along with you on your gigs. 

A good guitar player armed with a compact, rugged amp cabinet producing great defined tones is what turns a gig into a concert level performance. 


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