Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Beat of a Drummer's Heart

Whenever I get to see a live band performance, the one that catches my attention is always the drummer. I have always been enthralled about percussion instruments, and a good drummer sweeps me off my feet. 

Drummers have an innate ability to recognize various rhythmic patterns and tempos. They have a keen ear that recognizes different timbres and enables them to hone in to that and groove to the beat. My son receives a full academic scholarship in the university he attends because of his service to the band and pep squad. He had held the post of Head Drummer for two years in a row. He is now the Vice President of the organization. I would say he has a talent for music, specially percussion instruments. In two years time, my son will graduate and I have been looking for a gift that he would really enjoy and probably make a living out of. 

As a parent, it is my duty to provide for his needs and support his talent to take it to the next level. With this goal in mind, I have decided to get him a drum set. Him and his friends have already tried playing music together so why not get him his own set? Budget wise, it would be better than having to pay rental rates in a music studio. 

I have secretly been searching for a good set and I have decided on the affordable tama imperialstar drum. It is beautiful! It is a handsome 8 piece drum set in midnight mist color, with high quality brass cymbals. Perfect for my little drummer boy! I am absolutely positive that this is the right gift for him. 

In a few years time, I envision myself in the front row of a big concert venue watching my son. I will be his biggest fan.. maybe I could be the president of his fan club! Unless of course, a bunch of screaming young girls beat me to it.   


  1. The beat is of the drums is fun to dance to! Drummers are very taalented.

  2. I admire drummers so much too!!! Wow I would love to hear your son at play with his drums :)


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