Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sharing with you photos of a day in the life of a night shift worker - that's me!

My "day" begins in the late afternoon. 
Today I aimed my camera up to capture the airplane flying overhead.

As dusk creeps in, I start making dinner for my family.
Their "dinner" is my "breakfast"

I take a short walk to the corner store/bakery to buy a few things.
Freshly baked buns, half a dozen eggs, maybe a bottle of ketchup or a bag of potato chips. 

It is 9 pm. 
My last task for the day is to take the garbage out, then its bedtime for me.
3-4 hours is enough.

It is now 1:30 am. I leave for work.
No need to put on sunscreen. 
No need for shades.
This creature of the night just wishes for one thing...
To go back to bed and sleep.

This is how our street looks like in the wee hours of the morning. 
I have to do a 50 meter walk to the main road where I get a cab to take me to my workplace.
It only take 10-12 minutes to get there.
I have almost forgotten how it is like to get stuck in traffic.

And then I spend the next 9 hours of my life sitting on a desk, staring at a computer screen.
9 hours of listening to the agents' calls, and trying to stay awake.

It is 11 am. 
Another work day is done.
I do my grocery tasks and start the journey home.

This is the best part of the day.
The next two steps I need to make to get in the house.
I'm home!

"There is no other feeling comparable to the warmth of being with family."


  1. Happiness indeed!!!! I salute you for your dedication to your family and work sisterette... more pictures Please!!! Love the skeleton photo hihihi: )

  2. I really enjoyed this post and might have to do something similar. It's interesting to see what others go through each day!

  3. That was a really cool idea for a post! I'm jealous that you're wearing sandals. I'm wearing a parka :(

  4. Nocturnal workers like you are so admirable. Not sure if I could work night shift but then again I am always late in going to bed so I might.

  5. I have so much respect to all the hard worker people like you. especially those who works in a phone and and computer. It wasn't fun most of the time. I personally in the same time of field and I always exhausted when i come home. But that is life we all need to work to pay for our bills .

  6. wow! 3-4 hrs of sleep is enough for you? You are very hard working! :) Much respect must be give to you :)

  7. I have never been on a night shift but just like you , I am seated on my desk the rest of the day facing the computer. Arrrggghh! Indeed, nothing beats the comfort of home sweet home! Just like my husband used to say and I quote: "It's just work; your real life is at home!" He used to say that on a daily basis after an exhausting day, hahaha!

    I admire you for despite the toxic schedule as a working Mom and everything else, you're still able to regularly update your blog. Hands down!

  8. i found this post very cute haha. some how i am not busy working but i go to bed like 12am or 1 or if i have friends sleep over at home i get to sleep until 4am. then i have to wake up 5am to prepare my daughter to school or 6am if its weekend hehe

  9. Aha... one of the few perks of being on a night shift - no traffic, no sunscreen needed.

    You're one superwoman. I admire you for your dedication to your mommy duties and your job :-)

  10. Your post reminds me of my job as a call center agent so many years ago. I would sleep in the employees' lounge area at night, go home in the morning then go back to work again in the afternoon.

  11. This post made my day. You are a Supermom sis. BTW your photos compliment your thoughts.

  12. I love the night shot among the pictures Sis :-) It reminds me of the Philippines and the night life. I love looking at the lights. You are one supermom indeed! I hope that you will get enough rest before another day starts :-)

  13. wow! you are tough, I'm pretty sure that your lifestyle isn't simple as your daily works starts when everyone is asleep.

  14. yay, live life! Kudos to you for being proactive!

  15. Stay being positive despite the irregular work schedule you have. You truly delight in the things you have. :)

  16. you are one super mom Ai, wish you the best of health, take care always. love your pics, with your words, I see the deep meaning in them, and ahhhhh, you are enjoying traffic-less commute :) the perks of night shift :)

  17. wow on you on that mommy..superwoman talaga mga nanay. ngayon nga lang ako nakapag spend ng time with my daughter ng 24/7 because she undergo heart surgery. 3months long of vacation. after this back to reality.
    made me smile of that skeleton pix. hehehe
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