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How To Gain Positive Power In Life

We all want to be powerful - being powerful means we get things (and get things done) and we’re respected, and we can build a successful life too. However, being powerful can also be a problem because it can lead to problems when that power isn’t used wisely, or when it’s used against other people in some way (perhaps by making them feel bad or less accomplished, and so on). 

That’s why you need to look at how to gain positive power in life. Gaining positive power means you take steps that improve your personal wellbeing, enhance your skills, and make a good impact on the world around you and the people in it, and you don’t hurt anyone or step on anyone’s toes to make it happen. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at how to gain positive power in life rather than the opposite - read on to find out more. 

Learn CPR And Other First Aid Skills

What’s really interesting about learning how to gain positive power in life and what you need to do to get it is that your research will lead you to all kinds of interesting things just because there are so many fantastic options open to you. One of those options is to learn CPR and other first aid skills - by equipping yourself with life-saving knowledge (literally!), you’ll have power in any kind of difficult or dangerous situation. Now of course, we’re not saying that you’ll be powerful because you can choose whether or not to help someone - that’s not positive power at all, and it’s actually an excellent example of negative power and how power can damage people - what we’re saying is that when you’ve got this kind of knowledge, you’ll feel powerful in yourself because you’ll know you can help in any medical emergency situation.  

The best thing to do is learn these life-saving skills with a professional organization such as CPR Near Me where you’ll learn how to do things the right way and be given expert instruction from knowledgeable tutors. It’s far better to learn the right way than to risk a mistake when it comes to CPR and other first aid. 

Be Financially Literate

Understanding and managing your finances in the right way is another absolutely vital step towards becoming more positively powerful in your life because being financially literate means you’ll be able to make good choices, avoid debt, and even become financially independent, depending on a variety of other factors. 

It all begins with learning how to budget (and how to stick to your budget, which is just as important as making it in the first place) and knowing how to manage your expenses compared to your income. Then you’ll need to know about savings and investments because if you can do these things right, you’ll be able to make your money grow (and it is a case of doing both, and knowing about the pros and cons of each, so don’t just try to guess or hope for the best or you’ll miss out on some great ways to build a good fund or make some unfortunate mistakes along the way). Finally, knowing when debt is a good thing and necessary compared to when you just want to buy something for the sake of it, and knowing how to deal with any debt you might have quickly and painlessly is the final link in the chain when it comes to financial literacy - get all that right, and you’ll find life is much easier and you’ll feel a lot more powerful too. 

Have Good Relationships

If there’s one thing in life that’s going to help you in many different ways - including becoming more positively powerful - it’s having good, strong, long-lasting relationships. When you’ve got friends and family you can trust and rely on to be there for you through thick and thin, you’ll feel ready for anything and you’ll know that no matter what you go through in life, there’s always going to be someone you can talk to and who can help guide you if necessary - not to mention the fact that you can do the same for them. That’s automatically got to make you feel much more powerful in a positive way. 

One tip you’ll need to remember when it comes to forming these good relationships is that you’ll have to be able to master good - great - communication. You’ll need to be open and honest at all times and you’ll need to learn how to listen actively (which is a skill of its own, but one that, once you know how to do it, you’ll find is really useful not just in relationships, but in your career too). Plus, although it’s hard, letting people know how you feel about things, good and bad, is another vital part of making and keeping good relationships; that’s how you get people to understand you and be there for you. If they don’t know what you’re going through, how can they help? How will they know you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to congratulate you? They won’t unless you tell them, so practice doing exactly that. 

Get New Skills And Knowledge

We started this blog post talking about how it’s wise to learn how to do CPR and learn other life-saving skills, and that’s true - however, it’s also a good idea to just learn in general. After all, they do say that knowledge is power, and if that’s the case, the more knowledge you have, the more powerful you can be. 

Of course, if you’re going to be positively powerful then you’ll not just need to acquire more knowledge and learn more skills, but you’ll also need to learn how to use those skills and knowledge is a good way, ideally to help others, or at least not to hurt them. 

You might feel you’re too busy to do any learning, especially if you’re working in a full-time job, but is that really the case? Thanks to online learning, you can gain new knowledge whenever you have a moment - even a few minutes can be enough - and if you don’t want to earn a qualification, just reading informative websites and books can be a great way to get new knowledge and more positive power at the same time. 


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