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Quirky Ideas For Relaxing And Unwinding At Home


Thanks to our modern lives, many people struggle to switch off at home. Instead, they feel this constant stress and pressure to perform, even if they are supposed to be taking time out. 

The good news is that there are ways you can relax and take more time out. You don’t need to be constantly productive. 

But what should you be doing while you are at home? Let’s take a look at some ways you can chill out and enhance your well-being. 

Take Your Mind Off Things With A Puzzle

Puzzles are out of fashion at the moment, but they can be excellent ways to focus your mind and take it off other things (like work). And the bigger the puzzle, the more concentration you need. 

Some puzzles are physical. For example, you might want to complete a picture of a nature scene with 1,000 pieces. Other puzzles are intellectual. Here you try to figure out a cryptic crossword or today’s sudoku. 

Whatever it is, it should allow you to be present. You should be so busy concentrating on the task that you forget about everything else weighing you down. 

Give Yourself A Makeover

Another option is to give yourself a makeover. Instead of sitting on your couch watching Netflix, worrying about what’s going to happen at work tomorrow, you could spend some time pampering yourself and feeling incredible. 

For example, you could begin by taking a long soak in the bath with your favorite bubble bath or bath bomb. Soaking in the aromas and essential oils could perk you up and help you feel better again. 

Then, you could whip out your makeup collection and start playing with various colors and techniques. If you have a friend with you, you could also paint each other’s nails. 

Create A Cookie Batch

You could also try relaxing and unwinding by baking a batch of fresh cookies. Just the smell can be enough to remind you of home (or that things aren’t so bad). 

Fresh cookies are fun to make, too. You have to create the dough and decide what flavors you want. It requires plenty of concentration and the results are always something you’ll enjoy (unless you wind up burning them by accident). 

The best cookies are the giant, crumbly ones. These have a freshly baked character to them and don’t “snap” like the ones in the mass-produced packets do. 

Also, don’t worry so much about getting their shape perfect. What matters is that you have fun and bake items that satisfy your taste buds.

Enjoy A Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are another way to relax and unwind at home. These scoop you off to a different world, allowing you to zone out and forget what’s going on in other parts of your life. 

Try watching movies from your childhood (even if you haven’t seen them yet). Many of these are nostalgic and remind you of a more innocent and perfect era. 

Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of treats before you sit down to watch your favorite films on the big screen. Popcorn and candy are obvious choices, but you could also try piling up a plate of longganisa with vinegar or grabbing some tortillas and dip. 

Create A Comfy Space 

A super basic way to relax and unwind at home is to create a clean and comfy space that feels joyful and welcoming. A pleasant environment can elevate your mood and prepare you for the next day. 

Start with some nice seating for you and another person (if you live with others). Then add cushions, pillows, throws, and giant plush toys. These will give the nook a hygge-like feel, changing your mood when you enter. 

Remember, the best spaces have soft lighting and incorporate more natural materials, like wicker and wool. Adding these can transform the feeling of the space, encouraging you to unwind and relax more often. 

Host A Spa Night

Another idea related to the makeover concept discussed above is to host a spa night. Instead of pampering yourself alone, you do it with your friends or family members. 

You could start your spa night by brushing down your hair or getting a masseuse to come over to provide a massage. Then, you could add an eye mask, followed by a long rest listening to soothing sounds through noise-canceling headphones. 

Ultimately, how you arrange your spa night is entirely up to you. Just make sure it includes all the elements you and your friends love. 

Go Full Sensory-Deprivation

You could also create a full sensory deprivation chamber in your home. These block all sensory stimulation, forcing your brain to adapt to peace and quiet. 

Most sensory deprivation chambers are large tanks filled with water. With these, you step inside, close the lid, and float on the surface. There is nothing to see, hear, taste, feel, or smell, providing a unique experience. 

For some, spending time in a sensory deprivation chamber is torture. However, other people can find it eye-opening, to the point where it changes their view of the world. 

You don’t quite know how you’ll react to a sensory deprivation experience until you try it. The equipment is expensive, so go to a clinic first for a trial run before buying anything yourself. 

Host A Multi-Course Dinner Party

You don’t have to stick with the same microwaveable meals either when relaxing and unwinding at home. Instead, you might push the boat out a little and do what the French do: host dinner parties with five to seven courses. 

Sure, that sounds like a lot of work, but preparing all that food keeps you busy. It also teaches you new kitchen skills which you can apply to other recipes you make.
Then, at the end of all that work, you get to spend time with the people who matter to you most. Again, this can help you relax and unwind as you enjoy delicious food and drink with friends and family. 

Most high-brow dinner parties begin with patés or antipasti. Then the food moves onto soup with croutons. Finally comes the entréé followed by a dessert, cheese and fruit, and drinks. 

You can keep adding courses if you want to entertain your guests and keep yourself busy. 

Do Some Stargazing

Changing tack entirely, you could also experiment with some stargazing. Staring out into the night sky reminds you of how big the universe is, and helps to put your life into perspective. 

That’s not to say that what’s happening to you doesn’t matter – it does. It just means you have a chance to escape thinking about it for a while and concentrate on doing something else. 

Pop Bubble Wrap While You Meditate

Another quirky idea for unwinding while at home is to pop some bubble wrap while you meditate. This technique gives you something to focus on while helping you concentrate more on the present. 

Many people struggle to meditate by themselves. It’s hard to simply empty your mind or allow your thoughts to pass by without judgment. 

But when you grab a reel of bubble wrap and start popping, the process becomes markedly more straightforward. You are using your brain to some extent, allowing you to zone out more (similar to being in a flow state). 

Try Some DIY Aromatherapy

You could also try some DIY aromatherapy to relax more in your home. Certain scents activate brain regions causing profound feelings of well-being and relaxation. 

Pre-bought aromatherapy kits are okay, but the best are those you make yourself. With these, you can tailor scents to your liking, mixing and matching essential oils until you discover a combination that sings. 

For DIY aromatherapy, you’ll need a diffuser and essential oils. You can find these in stores or online and they are usually inexpensive. 

You can also light candles to infuse your home with uplifting aromas. Just be sure to double-check the wax is made of soy. Anything else might damage your lungs. 

Create A Gratitude Wall

Another quirky approach is to create a gratitude wall to practice the art of thankfulness. Instead of saying thanks in your head for the positive things in your life, these additions force you to write them down. 

Many people put gratitude walls in their kitchens in the form of chalkboards. All you need to do is grab some chalk in the morning and evening and write down all the things you are grateful for. 

You can do the same in the bedroom or the bathroom with a whiteboard. 

Whatever you do, find a system that works. Once you put your brain into gratitude mode, it’s hard to feel anxious, angry, or annoyed. 

Smash An Anxiety Pinata

Finally, you might consider smashing your anxiety or worry pinata when you get home. This activity can release pent-up energy, allowing you to move on to some of the other activities described above. 

Make your pinata the same way you would for a kids’ party. You could even fill it with bits of paper providing advice for relaxing and unwinding that fall out as you smash. 


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