Wednesday, March 20, 2024

How To Change Your Relationship With Your Body

According to a recent study, “over 6 in every 10 women feel negatively about their bodies.” There are many potential reasons for this, though many are tied to societal beauty standards and comparing ourselves to others. 

If you’re among these statistics, working to change your relationship with your body is key to building your confidence so that you can begin to feel comfortable in your own skin.

With that in mind, here are some practical tips that you can use to change your relationship with your body for the better. 

Be mindful of the media you consume. 

One way in which you can begin to improve your relationship with your body is by learning to stop comparing yourself to others - especially the bodies you see online or on social media. After all, these images (which are often doctored) are said to cause self-esteem issues in just over one in five adults

As such, moving forward, try to be more mindful of the media you consume. You don’t have to follow influencers if they make you feel bad about yourself - and hitting that unfollow button can make a real difference.

Increase your daily step count.

Walking is a great way to facilitate healthy weight loss, which, in turn, can improve your relationship with your body. On a similar note, even light exercise triggers the release of specific endorphins, which are often tied to heightened confidence and improved happiness levels. 

As such, you should try to increase your daily step count so that you are fitting more exercise into your routine. This does not mean that you have to go on a big 10k walk after work. Instead, keep an eye out for smaller ways to stay active. For example, you could take the stairs at work instead of hopping in the lift or walking to your local shop instead of driving. 

Look into weight loss treatments.

Sometimes, we need a little help in order to reach our weight loss or body goals. Fortunately, there are many solutions in place for those looking to safely shed a few extra pounds, such as Semaglutide slimming shots.

Be sure to do plenty of research ahead of time relating to both the treatment and practitioner, so that you understand the procedure, its benefit, and how it works. This can give you much greater peace of mind moving forward.

Find a workout buddy.

As mentioned above, consistent exercise is key to achieving your fitness goals and improving your relationship with your body. However, it's difficult to stay motivated to exercise - whether you’re not getting the results you want right away or simply find that you’re too busy to work out. 

One way in which you can remedy this is by finding a workout buddy. When someone else is relying on you to head to the gym, you’re less likely to skip a session. Furthermore, you can motivate each other to stay on track and your goals while also making exercise in general feel less daunting. 


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