Tuesday, October 3, 2023


While we go in with the best of intentions with a workout routine, part of the problem is learning to stay motivated so we end up not participating in things that we know are good for us. This is why exercising is not necessarily about the cliched things, such as your treadmills and your free weights, but about giving your body the challenging needs but also ensuring that your mind experiences that challenge as well. The gym is not a path to fitness, and this is why you should figure out the right things for you. Here are some unique and challenging workouts that might be exactly what you need.


A very unique but, ultimately, effective workout. It's a full-body workout that doesn't just demand strength, but also endurance and balance. There's a lot to unpack in order to get into kayaking as a sport, and it can be an exhilarating way to stay active and fit. And while you might wonder, what size kayak skirt do I need?, there's plenty of other things to bear in mind here because kayaking is, for so many, people a way of life. It also offers variety. You can build up your strength gradually rather than feeling the temptation, like most people do in a gym, to go all out too soon, which means that you lose motivation (and gains). Kayaking is gentle on the joints but will give you that strength that will help you, not just now, but in the future when you've got grandkids to pick up.


An amazing way to get your heart rate up, improve your coordination, but also boost that core strength that so many mothers lose after having a baby. Dancing is, ultimately, a very fun activity, and this is such an important thing to remember when we're choosing the right type of workout for us. But you have to remember that certain dances will become more intense. Ballet is a very good example because it forces you to hold poses, which ultimately is a form of what they call isometric holds, similar to doing a plank on the floor, albeit in different poses for much longer!

Rock Climbing

If there's one type of exercise that gives you physical and mental stimulation, it's this. Scaling any type of wall or cliff is a lesson in humility. Find yourself a local rock climbing center and see just how far you can get to begin with! But don't be put off by how little you're able to do. Climbing is something that we should all learn how to do, and it's about making sure that we build up gradually. Additionally, climbing is also an amazing problem-solving skill. When you look at how you should be able to solve something 50 feet in the air, all of a sudden, those parental problems pale in comparison!

Martial Arts

Of course, this is something we all benefit from. It's not just about the workout but about the confidence and discipline that comes with knowing that you can defend yourself. This is why something like Brazilian jiu-jitsu is becoming incredibly popular because it's a simple way to defeat an opponent without punching, kicking, and all of that swinging.


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