Saturday, August 6, 2022

3 Unexpected Consequences of A DUI

Even though driving under the influence is illegal, a good number of people find themselves in the clutches of the law for flouting this road traffic regulation. It is quite concerning because a DUI conviction costs more than legal actions like the penalties you’re slapped with. For example, your car insurance policy could increase by 123% after a DUI conviction or charge. It can bring a lifetime of other inconveniences that may hinder your progress in certain areas of life. Below are some other valid reasons to avoid drinking and driving. 

1. Future restrictions on car rentals

According to data, 17.3 million cars were rented in 2020. Last year, the numbers doubled, and experts say the trend suggests an annual increase in the number of people renting cars for different purposes. Unfortunately, if you were ever convicted or charged with a DUI, most rental companies will refuse to hand over a vehicle to you. This is due to a lack of trust in your ability to return the vehicle in excellent condition. Moreover, most rental companies run criminal background checks on customers who make requests for a car. Therefore, a past charge could raise eyebrows. 

As a business, they are responsible for protecting their assets, including refusing to give out a car to a person with a previous DUI charge. While this may seem unfair and biased, it also acts as a deterrent for most people. Sometimes, with an experienced car accident attorney to lead your DUI case, you may have an increased chance of getting the charge cleared. For example, a car accident attorney may identify legal flaws, police report errors, or other pieces of evidence that may help dismiss the charge. Once that is sorted, you wouldn’t have problems with future car rentals.

2. College application restrictions

The college application process is inundated with many questions to get to know the applicant better. These higher education institutions reserve the right to grant admission or not to applicants. Therefore, if you have a DUI, there could be a hitch in your college application process. That's because it falls under criminal charges, and most colleges may want to avoid these murky situations. Also, it would be disastrous to lie about any DUI conviction on your college application forms. The admission board will find out when they run background checks. You may have to say goodbye to possible college admission when they find out the truth.

3. Job application restrictions or no employment offers

Like college applications, most employers will ask questions about past criminal records. Getting an offer may be more difficult than expected if there's any- like a DUI. In some places, employers take a firm stand on criminal records, which would mean no job offers. This conviction may also prevent you from taking certain career paths. For example, you may be unable to join the military, occupy government positions, or be a daycare worker. Indeed, one mistake should not define the rest of your life, but unfortunately, it is a reality that people have had to face because of a DUI conviction.


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