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After your home, your car is one of the most valuable items you own, and you want to keep it looking nice. We all know people whose car is like a trash can, full of discarded food wrappers, empty drinks cartons, and other assorted things. 

An unclean and untidy car can have a detrimental effect on your stress levels, not to mention being unhygienic. It will also probably give people a poor impression of you if they see it. 

Start with a clean slate

Before you can start putting good habits into practice, you need to get everything decluttered and cleaned. Take a plastic bag out to the car and get rid of every piece of rubbish in there. Then, remove everything else, even if it usually stays in the car. This could include child seats or things you would usually keep in the trunk. Then, take your vehicle for a thorough clean and car servicing to get it looking its best. 

Use a trunk organizer

Rather than leaving things piling up in your car, buy a trunk organizer and keep things stored nicely in there. 

Never leave your car empty-handed

In order to keep your car as tidy as possible, don’t leave things in there when you get out. Every time you get out of the car, take something with you. This could be the wrappers from the food you ate or receipts from the gas station. Rather than let things build up, remove them regularly. 

Use the correct cleaning products

When cleaning your car, use products designed for the job so that you don’t do any damage. If you’re washing and waxing your car yourself, don’t use coarse sponges or cloths as they will put scratches on your paintwork. 

A regular wax of your car will help protect it from the elements. 

Be careful where you park

Once the paint on your car is faded or damaged, it can look bad as well as allow rust to start appearing. Where you part your car can have a huge effect on the paint on your car. 

Try not to park under trees where it can get covered in bird droppings or sap, both of which can damage the paint if not removed immediately. 

Take extra measures if you live on the coast

Living near the ocean is an amazing lifestyle to have. Unfortunately for your car, it can cause damage. Salt and moisture in the air can cause corrosion, making your car look unsightly and ultimately leading to it becoming dangerous if it spreads too far. 

If you do live by the ocean, try to always park your car indoors, especially during the colder months. Invest in waxing and protective products that help reduce the effects and apply them as often as advised. 

If you drive through sand or water, rinse off your car, especially the underside where the corrosion might not be spotted as quickly. 

Keeping your car looking great is all about getting into good habits and using the right products at the right times. 


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