Wednesday, July 27, 2022

A Traveler's Guide To Costa Rican Food


Central America is noted for the freshness of its cuisines, and Costa Rica is no different. For many food travelers, a trip to this nation is a dream come true as it offers the opportunity to sample a variety of culinary delights. Considering the country’s tourism income rose by 7%, there is a high chance of more people trooping into the country. If you're visiting this fascinating country soon and trying their authentic cuisines on your to-do list, below is some relevant information.

1. An abundance of fresh ingredients

This Central American nation is a hub of fresh ingredients. The abundance of tropical farms makes it possible for residents to have all-year access to fresh ingredients. As a traveler, you cannot help but notice the use of fresh and locally sourced produce that characterize Costa Rican cuisines. You may want to remember that patronizing these meals indirectly show support for the country’s agricultural sector.

Moreover, many restaurants in the country have various meals that include fresh produce, as they make a point to showcase the country’s culinary culture. Foods like the Gallo Pinto, the Sopa Negra, Chifrijo, etc., are packed with fresh ingredients that influence the taste, flavor, and appearance. More importantly, the bean is a staple in Costa Rican dishes. Therefore, you may want to be careful if you have any allergies to beans. Additionally, the variety of dishes makes it possible to have vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals. All you have to do is ask.

2. Ticos eat more seafood, pork, and chicken than beef

Costa Ricans (Ticos) love pork and chicken, which is evident in most dishes. Meals like Pozole, empanada, and Casado, may contain pieces of pork, chicken, and beef. A combination of these three makes an exciting culinary experience for foreigners. Should you have underlying health conditions restricting your consumption of these meats, you can still find tasty, healthier options.

For example, due to the abundance of water bodies in the country, Costa Ricans have various meals made from seafood. Fish, squid, shrimps, etc., are characteristically added to local staples like rice and beans. Ceviche is a popular seafood meal widely eaten around the country, and you may want to try it out. The exciting part is that you can go fishing and bring back a big catch for dinner. If you sign up with Costa Rica Fishing Charters and the tours they organize, you may be lucky to bring something back to the restaurant’s chef. Better yet, you may have the chance to grill a big catch for yourself and your family.

3. Abundance of fruits

Costa Rica is known for its large-sized papayas. The country also has an abundance of passion fruits, bananas, dragon fruits, Noni, Cas (local guava), and a wide list of delicious tropical fruits. According to many travelers to the country, Costa Rica’s fruits are juicier, fresher, and larger than in other places. More importantly, you will likely see a spread of fruit cuts complementing other dishes at dinner time or at the breakfast table.

There are countless culinary delights to explore in Costa Rica, and hopefully, you will enjoy them.


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