Monday, July 18, 2022

7 Ways to Get Rid of Drafts in Your Home


It is no fun living in a drafty home. It can make the place feel cool and uncomfortable when you want it to be warm and cozy, or it can let in more hot air than you would like in the summer months, making the place feel stiflingly hot.

Not only that, but the average home in the United States loses around 30 percent of its heat because of drafts, and that means your home, if it is drafty is unlikely to be very energy efficient, which means your utility bills will be higher than they really need to be.

So, with all that in mind, it makes sense to find as many ways as you can to reduce and eliminate the drafts in your home. Most people will not be able to get rid of 100 percent of the drafts on their property, but it is certainly possible to reduce them significantly, and below are some of the most effective ways of doing that:

1. Get new windows

One of the biggest causes of drafts is old windows that have become inefficient, misaligned, and which are now letting air in and out at a greater rate than they should. By choosing a Renewal by Andersen window replacement, you can ensure that each and every window in your home is properly fitted and maximized for energy efficiency. You will not need to worry about drafts getting in through the window frames and your home will feel so much cozier as a result.

2. Apply caulking

Of course, sometimes, your windows are in good shape, ut the caulking around them has started to degrade and it is not forming a tight seal as it once did. If this is the case, then applying a fresh layer of caulking around all of your windows, and doors too is a good way to reduce the number of drafts in your home significantly.

3. Replace weatherstripping

Weatherstripping around windows and doors needs to be replaced from time to time too. If you have noticed that the areas around a window or door seem to be draftier than other parts of your home, check the weatherstripping for cracks or areas that have come loose, and replace them as soon as possible to minimize drafts in your property.

4. Add film to your windows

Something that a lot of people do to successfully reduce drafts in their homes is to apply a thin layer of film to their windows. This works to trap any air that gets into the home via the window panes between the pane and the film so that it does not get out and into your home where it can give you a chill or make the place seem uncomfortable, Of course, it is not as good as getting new windows, as mentioned above, but in a pinch, it can work pretty well.

5. Use draft excluders

Placing draft excluders at the bottom of any doors in your home that have a gap whereby cold air gets through, is a great way to keep drafts out and the heat in, especially in those cooler winter months when it really matters. If you're looking for a fun project to do over the summer, you could even make your own draft excluders, ready for when it gets colder.

6. Seal the basement

If you have a basement, you will know that it tends to be cooler and draftier down threw than it does elsewhere in your home. But, did you know that the cool air from the basement can leak out into the rest of your property and cause drafts to form? It’s a pretty common thing, but it is one you can mitigate against by sealing your basement with insulate and weather seal si that it is much more energy efficient, and so that it cannot affect the rest of your home in quite the same way.

7. Seal cracks and holes

From cracks in the walls to holes where your fitted your lighting, sealing any crack or hole in your property that is not essential for airflow purposes, will help to reduce the number of drafts you experience on the property significantly and it’s really easy to dow with filler you can buy from the DIY store.

As you can see, there are lots of things you can do to reduce the drafts in your home, lower your energy bill, and make your place as comfortable as possible for you and the rest of your family, so what are you waiting for?


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